NEW ORLEANS – A man has filed a lawsuit contending he suffered acute personal injuries when he fell after a rung on a Cosco brand ladder broke beneath him.

Sean A. Bristol, and wife Kelli, filed suit against Dorel Juvenile Group Inc. d/b/a Cosco Home and Office Products in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Nov. 25.

Cosco Home & Office Products is located at 2525 State St. in Columbus, Indiana.

On Nov. 25, 2013, Sean Bristol claims he was operating a ladder designed by the defendant, specifically a “Cosco 20-217-T1S World’s Greatest Ladder,” when suddenly and without warning, the rung of the ladder gave out and he plummeted to the ground from a great distance. The petitioner contends he suffered acute personal injuries requiring ongoing surgeries and medical treatment as a result of the incident.

The defendant is accused of designing a defective product, failing to properly secure each ladder rung connected to the ladder, failing to inspect the ladder and failing to design a more durable ladder rung.

The plaintiff is seeking an unspecified amount in damages for pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, mental agony, medical expenses, travel expenses, loss of future income, disabilities and loss of consortium.

The plaintiff’s wife is seeking a subsequent amount in damages for loss of consortium.

The petitioners are represented by attorney Claudia Patricia Santoyo.

The case has been assigned to Div. I Judge Piper D. Griffin.

Case no. 2014-11324.

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