NEW ORLEANS – A woman contends her close friend borrowed more than $28,000 to pay for her lease and son’s tuition, but failed to reimburse the plaintiff.

Debra Washington filed suit against Robin Lemieux in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on April 6.

According to the suit, Lemieux contacted the plaintiff in June 2011 and informed the petitioner of her urgent economic situation, requesting to borrow funds to pay for her son’s tuition and her lease. The plaintiff agreed to these demands only if the defendant repaid her in a punctual manner.  Additionally, the defendant would repay the money lent with 6 percent interest.

The petitioner followed up on her agreement over the next two years. Washington allegedly placed funds into Lemieux’s direct account or straight into the defendant’s hands. The amount purportedly reached $28,515.62, with the defendant allegedly failing to reimburse the petitioner. The plaintiff claims she has politely informed the defendant through an “amicable demand” without response.

Attorney Wayne E. Garrett represents the petitioner.

The case has been assigned to Div. G Judge Robin M. Giarrusso.

Case no. 2015-03196.

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