NEW ORLEANS – A woman is suing Touro Infirmary claiming that after coming in to the ER and exhibiting stroke-like symptoms her physicians could not find anything wrong with her.

Sheryl Williams and James Smith filed suit against Wanda G. Timpton-Holt M.D., Charles Leder M.D., R. Charles Fiore Jr., Glenn Johnson M.D. and Touro Infirmary Hospital in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on April 29.

The plaintiff claims that she entered Touro Infirmary Hospital's emergency room on Aug. 13, 2012, complaining of stroke-like symptoms. She states that she was given a CT scan, MRI and blood testing, after which her physicians failed to recognize a large and organized blood clot in her left carotid artery and instead prescribed her a new medication and recommend that she check back in the following day.

Three days later, the plaintiff claims to have returned to the same ER exhibiting more severe symptoms of a stroke and right side weakness. She was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed as having suffered a stroke, but the blood clot in her left leg was again ignored. On Sept. 6, 2012, her husband found her on the floor of their apartment after having suffered an acute ischemic stroke. The complete occlusion of her left carotid artery was then diagnosed and treated, and she was finally released from the hospital on Sept. 28, 2012.

The defendants are accused of misdiagnosing a medical condition, failing to provide appropriate treatment and other acts of professional negligence and deviation from the standard of care. The defendant Touro Infirmary Hospital is accused of failing to provide a facility properly equipped and staffed for diagnoses and permitting the defendant physicians to discharge the plaintiff without a proper diagnosis and treatment plan.

The plaintiff seeks an unspecified in damages for physical pain and suffering, mental pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and disability.

The plaintiff is represented by Graham Bosworth and Autumn Town of New Orleans-based Graham Bosworth LLP.

This case has been assigned to Div. I Judge Piper D. Griffin.

Case no. 2015-04056.

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