NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans musician claims that he was hired to perform at an Audubon Zoo event where he tripped due to a poorly kept walkway. He also claims he was subsequently treated with sub-standard care at LSU Interim Hospital.

Arian A. Macklin Sr. filed suit against Audubon Nature Institute Inc., Audubon Nature Institute Foundation, University Medical Center, Christopher Colomb R.N., Creagh Buford M.D., Hilari Shae Sauncy M.D. and Daniel Salerno M.D. in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on May 2.

The plaintiff claims that he was on his way to play music at a zoo event on May 30, 2014, and upon entering the premises slipped and tripped due to a combination of algae, an uneven walkway and wet substances on the ground. He states that he was transported by ambulance to Touro Hospital after sustaining a serious knee injury which required surgery.

Following his treatment, the plaintiff asserts that due to after effects of the injury, he slipped and fell at home on July 22, 2014, at which point he was transported to LSU Interim Hospital complaining of severe pain.

He claims that he reported to his physicians and nurses that he felt pain over the entirety of his right side and signs of hyperkalemia. After an x-ray showed no sign of bone or tendon injury level of potassium in his blood, the plaintiff states that a hospital employee sent him home by pushing him out of the entrance in a wheelchair even though he stated he was not ready to leave the hospital. The plaintiff claims that he then sustained a serious fall at the front of the hospital at which point he was diagnosed hyperkalemic and having suffered a patellar injury.

The plaintiff is accusing Audubon Nature Institute and its subsidiaries of failing to maintain proper upkeep of the walkway and failing to warn of a dangerous condition, and accusing LSU University Medical Center and the defendant physicians and nurses of failing to properly treat him and discharging him too soon.

The plaintiff seeks an unspecified amount in damages for mental pain and suffering, physical pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages, partial disability and loss of lifestyle.

The plaintiff is represented by Leo L. Palazzo, Jason J. Markey, Mario A. Arteaga Jr., and Michael J. Monistre of Gretna-based Palazzo Law Firm.

This case has been assigned to Div. C Judge Sidney H. Cates IV.

Case no. 2015-04379.

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