Convenience store worker sues delivery man after alleged assault

By Andrey Burin | Jul 27, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A convenience store employee is suing a food distribution company claiming that its employee entered the store to make a delivery and subsequently assaulted the plaintiff after he refused the order due to poor meat quality.

Mohammed Attamari filed suit against Riverside Food Distributors LLC, Derrick Case, and State National Insurance Company in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on May 29.

The plaintiff states that on June 12, 2014, he was working at Jimmy's Discount Convenience Store. At 2 p.m, he alleges that defendant Derrick Case arrived at the plaintiff's store with a delivery of meat from Christiana.

Case allegedly began bringing defendant Christiana's meat delivery into the store and presented a load of meat for inspection. The plaintiff claims to have inspected Christiana's meat and found it to be sub-par, not fresh and unwholesome and subsequently refused to accept delivery, instructing defendant Casey to return the delivery. Attamari states that the defendant then became enraged and knocked over a candy display, began cursing and screaming in the store and threatening the plaintiff, employees and customers with bodily harm and death, yelling threats including “Someone in here is going to get it! Someone in here is going to die today” as plaintiff's employees allegedly tried to escort defendant Case from store.

The plaintiff claims that Case ran at him and violently attacked him, punching and striking him several times with great force.

The plaintiff claims to have suffered broken facial bones, broken teeth, shifted teeth, and broken fillings, serious lacerations to the face, permanent facial scarring and disfigurement and traumatic brain injury and post-concussion-syndrome in addition to other injuries.

Case is accused of assault, battery, improper use of force, and intentional infliction of severe emotional distress. Defendant Christiana accused of negligent hiring, training, retention, supervision, and failing to warn.

The plaintiff seeks an unspecified amount for pain and suffering and mental anguish, medical expenses, lost wages, loss of consortium and out of pocket losses.

Attamari is represented by Adam S. Lambert of New Orleans.

This case has been assigned to Div. G Judge Robin M. Giarrusso.

Case no. 2015-05171.

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