NEW ORLEANS – A plumbing company is suing a contractor and a pair of homeowners claiming they were never paid them for a job they did at a local property.

Danny Williams Plumbing Inc. filed suit against Estess Contractors LLC, Dennis Joseph Muller, Sr., and Cynthia Claus Muller in the Orleans Parish District Court on July 1, 2015.

Danny Williams Plumbing Inc. claims that a contract was breached after plumbing services were performed at a property owned by Dennis Joseph Muller, Sr. and Cynthia Claus Muller. The plaintiff alleges that work was performed at a cost of $2,475 and that none of this amount has been paid to date.

The defendants are accused of breaching a contract between themselves and the plaintiff.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for the initially agreed upon sum of $2,475 with interest as well as all legal costs.

Danny Williams Plumbing is represented by attorney Alvin J. Dupre Jr.

The case has been assigned to Judge Robin M. Giarrusso

Case no. 2015-06312.

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