A man who is serving as his own legal counsel is suing an insurance company he alleges engaged in a civil conspiracy to defraud him and withhold his money.

Thomas L. d’Aquin of Metairie filed suit Sept. 17 against Mutual of Omaha, Michael Joshua Fargnoli, Michael Joseph Fargnoli, Christi Rogge and Kathy Wilbur, claiming that they orchestrated a conspiracy scheme against him.

According to the complaint, defendants Michael Joshua Fargnoli and Michael Joseph Fargnoli charged the plaintiff for two insurance policies twice. The complaint states that the Fargnolis agreed to pay the August 2013 payment but did not, causing the policy to lapse. The complaint also states that the defendants have filed false reports against him with the Louisiana Department of Insurance and that Michael Joshua Fargnoli made numerous discriminatory and racial remarks about d'Aquin's fiancee.

Citing mental abuse, breach of contract and other causes, the plaintiff is seeking $22,500 in paid premiums to policies that were never issued and $150,000 from each defendant.

U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana case number 2:15-cv-04504-SM-JCW

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