Offshore Drilling Company Goes After Insurance Companies

By Candace Price | Oct 8, 2015

Local offshore drilling company wants insurers held financially responsible for employee's work-related injuries.

An offshore drilling company is suing their insurers seeking to hold them financially responsible an employee's work-related injuries.

On May 27, in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, Hercules Offshore, Inc. filed suit against Torus Insurance (UK) LTD., Coastal Towing, LLC, and TOWING, LLC and the vessel M/V Leslie Ann ANN, after an employee was injured allegedly injured in a fall on the job.

According to the lawsuit, David Pittman was working on the Leslie Ann on June 20, 2013 when he sustained injuries due to malfunction of equipment during a the personnel transfer process. Pittman filed suit against Hercules later on June 17, in Pittman v. Hercules Offshore, Inc., et al., blaming gross negligence of Hercules, and it's agents, for his injuries for which he was awarded $650,000.

Hercules seeks full contribution from it's agents, alleging it was the responsibility of Torus and Coastal Towing to determine if weather, wave and the vessel's conditions were safe enough for a personnel transfer.

Attorneys Jeffrey Bridger and Ashley Bane of Burleson, LLP will be representing Hercules in this suit.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana case number Case 2:15-cv-01779-JTM-MBN

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