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Deadline missed in appeal of judgment in St. Anne Lodging robbery case

By Takesha Thomas | Sep 22, 2018

An appeal from a group of men who were beaten and robbed while staying at an Orleans Parish hotel has been dismissed by a Louisiana court.

New Orleans man denied motion to reconsider a succession case

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 20, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana recently denied a New Orleans man's motion to reconsider a ruling in succession case involving his mother's estate.

Amite attorney reciprocally disbarred following theft conviction in Texas

By Karen Kidd | Sep 20, 2018

NEW ORLEANS (Louisiana Record) – Amite attorney Ronald B. Manning was reciprocally disbarred after a Sept. 14 Louisiana Supreme Court attorney disciplinary proceeding following his 2006 disbarment in Texas over a felony theft conviction.

Houma attorney suspended, placed on probation after admitting to taking prohibited substance

By Karen Kidd | Sep 20, 2018

NEW ORLEANS (Louisiana Record) – Houma attorney Paul E. Brown was suspended following a split Sept. 18 Louisiana Supreme Court attorney disciplinary proceeding after he allegedly took a prohibited substance and had an unfavorable evaluation.

Summary judgment for family trying to include trust in lawsuit reversed

By Charmaine Little | Sep 20, 2018

On August 15, the Court of Appeal for the Second Circuit in the State of Louisiana reversed and remanded a trust and estate case between family members.

Homeowner claims JP Morgan Chase skewed his income to avoid loan modification

By Danielle Pacey | Sep 20, 2018

A homeowner accuses the JP Morgan Chase Bank of denying his applications for loan modification to save his home and skewing his income so he was not eligible for loan modification which furthered the foreclosure on his home in a recent lawsuit

Marine transportation firm requests federal court to hear dispute over disaster relief oil shipment

By Takesha Thomas | Sep 19, 2018

LAFAYETTE – A Louisiana-based marine transportation company being sued in a dispute involving the shipping of 5 million gallons of oil to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria recently requested the breach of contract suit be moved to the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana.

Allen Parish Sheriff's Office arrested the wrong woman, lawsuit says

By Takesha Thomas | Sep 19, 2018

Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert and four deputies face a federal lawsuit from a woman who claims she was falsely arrested.

Appellate court repeals family’s malpractice suit against East Jefferson General Hospital

By Erianne Leatherman | Sep 19, 2018

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal for Louisiana dismissed a malpractice lawsuit filed by the family of a deceased woman against East Jefferson General Hospital.

Driver wins appeal over defective steering system

By Charmaine Little | Sep 19, 2018

The First Circuit Court of Appeal upheld a lower court's ruling against Gerry Lane Chevrolet over a defective steering system.

State Supreme Court finds New Orleans street vendor ordinance violates First Amendment

By Elizabeth Alt | Sep 18, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana Supreme Court recently ruled that a New Orleans city ordinance restricting the sale of art by street vendors violates the First Amendment.

Lake Providence couple sues Merck claiming Zostavax shingles vaccine caused injuries

By Tomas Kassahun | Sep 18, 2018

MONROE – A Lake Providence couple recently filed a lawsuit against Merck & Co. claiming the company manufactured a defective shingles vaccine that causes injuries.

Senior care workers claim Community Care Services fails to pay overtime

By Tomas Kassahun | Sep 18, 2018

MONROE – Employees of a Louisiana corporation that provides services to senior citizens recently filed a class action lawsuit claiming Community Care Services (CCS) doesn’t pay the workers for overtime.

Contractor seeks to recoup costs incurred in defending itself in injury case

By Erianne Leatherman | Sep 17, 2018

LAFAYETTE – A contractor and its insurance provider recently filed a civil action to recover costs they incurred defending themselves in an injury lawsuit.

Injured seaman claims employers reneged on promise of disability insurance

By Danielle Pacey | Sep 17, 2018

LAFAYETTE – A seaman from New Zealand injured in an accident aboard a drilling rig recently filed a civil action lawsuit accusing his employers of allegedly denying him promised disability insurance.

Oak Grove church says insurance company failed to church's building destroyed by fire

By Tomas Kassahun | Sep 17, 2018

MONROE – Life Church of Oak Grove recently filed a federal suit against its insurer alleging the insurance company failed to cover losses after the church's building was destroyed in a fire.

Alexandria medical practice sues Health and Human Services, Medicare over billing dispute

By Tomas Kassahun | Sep 17, 2018

ALEXANDRIA – Mchael Dole, MD, A Professional Medical Corporation (APMC) based in Alexandria, recently filed a federal a lawsuit against the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding a dispute over Medicare receivables claims.

Federal judge dismisses lawsuit seeking damages for customer barred from cafe

By Sandra Lane | Sep 16, 2018

Employees were angered when customer appeared on TV protesting removal of confederate monuments

Louisiana State Police face lawsuit over Antifa document circulated by neo-Nazis

By Elizabeth Alt | Sep 15, 2018

Louisiana State Police refuse to disclose a dossier created by neo-Nazi websites containing names of alleged anti-fascist protesters, a recent lawsuit claims.

DeSoto Parish Sheriff's Department defamed, falsely prosecuted man, lawsuit claims

By Danielle Pacey | Sep 15, 2018

A DeSoto Parish man claims the local sheriff's department targeted him in a child custody dispute.

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