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New book details attorney’s frustrations with MDL: Handling of cases becoming ‘more and more deplorable’


TAMPA, Fla. (Legal Newsline) - Nearly 40 percent of civil cases pending in federal courts across the country are consolidated into multidistrict litigation, resulting in “a shift away from the rule of law to a system of arbitrary justice,” says Tampa attorney Brian Donovan in his new book on his experience and frustrations with MDL.

Jefferson Parish Finance Authority audit leaves millions in question

NEW ORLEANS — A contemptuous Jefferson Parish Finance Authority audit leaves millions of dollars in question, according to the parish's inspector general.

Judge Jupiter hospitalized, temporarily replaced by Zeno in Orleans Parish Civil District Court

NEW ORLEANS — The family of Judge Clare Jupiter, of the Orleans Parish Civil District Court, confirmed last week that she is ill and in the hospital, although they did not give specifics of her illness.

Plaquemine attorney reinstated following suspension

Plaquemine attorney Ali Zito Shields has been reinstated to practice law in Louisiana following a Jan. 9 Louisiana Supreme Court decree after being suspended in 2015 over alleged misconduct stemming from divorce proceedings.

Former Jindal-era governor's counsel suspended following domestic battery arrest

Baton Rouge attorney and former governor's office counsel Joshua Paul Melder has agreed to his own partially deferred suspension following a Jan. 9 Louisiana Supreme Court attorney disciplinary proceeding after his arrest on domestic abuse battery and resisting an officer charges.

New Orleans attorney suspended over alleged misconduct, 2011 DUI arrest

New Orleans attorney Roger Wayne Kitchens has been suspended for three years following a Dec. 15 Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding over alleged violations of professional misconduct rules and a 2011 DUI arrest.

Disgraced former Plaquemines Parish judge readmitted to law practice in Louisiana

New Orleans attorney and disgraced Plaquemines Parish Judge William A. Roe has been has been readmitted to the practice of law following a Dec. 15 Louisiana Supreme Court decision to accept his application for readmission after his 2012 disbarment.

Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals affirms trial court's awarding of $262,600 to JBEM

The Louisiana Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals recently affirmed a trial court's monetary award of $262,600 for the half-completed construction of an oil and gas vehicle in John Begnaud Electric Motors Inc. (JBEM) vs. Alternative Well Intervention, LLC (AWI).

Candidates disqualified in NOLA elections sue in federal court

Belden Batiste says he is awaiting a judge’s ruling in a case where he filed a civil rights violation suit after his name was pulled from the ballot in a citywide election, but no matter what the verdict he plans to keep fighting for the principles he believes in.

Veteran lawyer to serve as Orleans Parish Civil District Court judge temporarily

Veteran Attorney Henry P. Julien, Jr. has been appointed as a temporary judge for the Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Appeals court rules Louisiana isn’t bound by Flonase antitrust settlement

BATON ROUGE — The U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that an antitrust settlement that GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) reached over its efforts to put a hold on generic alternatives to Flonase nasal spray won’t put the brakes on a similar claim in Louisiana.

Time-barred complaint denies former Quality Energy employee disability benefits

NEW ORLEANS — The Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed a former employee’s disability claims are in fact time-barred.

Franklin lawyer receives reciprocal suspension in Louisiana, on disability inactive status in Tennessee

Franklin attorney Erich Webb Bailey has been placed on reciprocal interim suspension following a Dec. 15 Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding and similar suspension last summer in Tennessee.

Appeals court rules against BP, confirms Murphy Oil's $58.4 million settlement award

NEW ORLEANS – BP Exploration & Production Inc. has lost its appeal against Murphy Oil USA to recover $58.4 million in an award settlement as part of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill lawsuit.

Louisiana lawyer says suing drugmakers for opioid crisis is not the way to solve epidemic

NEW ORLEANS —A number of class-action lawsuits have been filed against pharmaceutical companies in recent years, alleging they created a public nuisance in the form of widespread opioid addiction, much like cigarette makers have been blamed for cancer caused by tobacco use.

Houston attorney OKs suspension following allegedly false accusations against judge, ex-wife

Houston attorney Phil C. Nugent, admitted to the Louisiana State Bar 27 years ago, has agreed to an 18-month suspension, following a June 5 Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding for allegedly falsely accusing a judge and his ex-wife of sleeping together.

Shreveport attorney suspended following alleged payment for client referral

Shreveport attorney Andres Humberto Aguilar, on interim suspension since August, has been suspended again following a Dec. 6 Louisiana Supreme Court order over allegations that included paying for a client referral.

Mandeville attorney suspended following shoplifting convictions

Mandeville attorney Elise Marybeth LaMartina has been suspended for three years following a Dec. 6 Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding, rather than disbarred as one justice recommended, following convictions on shoplifting and unauthorized visits to a public school.

Louisiana once again named as a 'judicial hellhole'

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana was once again ranked as a "judicial hellhole" by the American Tort Reform Foundation (ATRF), this year coming in at No. 8 on its national rankings based on what the organization says are "unbalanced courts" and "excessive litigation."

Baton Rouge attorney permanently disbarred following arrest on theft charges, state probe

Baton Rouge attorney Peggy M. Hairston Robinson has been permanently disbarred following a Dec. 6 Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding after her 2012 arrest on theft charges and a state investigation into alleged misconduct with multiple mortgage loan clients.