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Alleged mortgage debt prompts lawsuit

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 18, 2018

A homeowner faces a lawsuit over a $160,000 alleged debt.

Financial company seeks nearly $8,000 for alleged debt

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 18, 2018

A Jefferson Parish resident faces a lawsuit from a finance company.

New Orleans attorney seeks more than $3,000

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 18, 2018

A New Orleans attorney filed a lawsuit against her former client over an alleged outstanding balance.

Student loan trust alleges unpaid debt of $7,000

By Carrie Bradon | Oct 18, 2018

A student loan trust claims two residents owe $7,000.

Court grants writ, grants motion for summary judgment on LSU researcher's case

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 13, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- A former Louisiana State University researcher was granted a writ and had a motion for summary judgment allowed.

Federal judge will not dismiss lawsuit to recover payment for fuel supplies

By Sandra Lane | Oct 12, 2018

A federal judge declined to completely throw out a contract dispute between a fuel supplier and the owner of a fleet of boats.

Federal judge denies motions for summary judgment in dispute over payment for maritime fuel

By Sandra Lane | Oct 10, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – In a breach of maritime contract suit concerning non-payment for fuel and lubricants by an offshore services company, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana recently the plaintiff and defendant’s motions for summary judgment and also denied defendant’s request for a jury trial.

Breach of contract suit in coal shipping dispute seeks $1 million in damages

By Danielle Pacey | Oct 2, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – American Commercial Barge Line recently filed a federal suit against Tricon Steamship Agency Inc. for breach of contract in the delivery of coal by barge from Kentucky to Louisiana.

Rejected construction bidder loses appeal

By Carrie Salls | Sep 27, 2018

Barriere Construction Company lost an appeal to stop a planned road project.

Housing authority owes former employee accrued leave, federal judge rules

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 27, 2018

The Housing Authority of Jefferson Parish (HAJP) must pay a former employee accrued vacation and sick time, a federal judge ruled.

Capital One seeks nearly $4,000

By Carrie Bradon | Sep 27, 2018

A Jefferson Parish man owes more than $3,700 on a credit card, a bank claims in a recent lawsuit.

Jefferson Parish woman's credit card prompts lawsuit

By Carrie Bradon | Sep 27, 2018

A Jefferson Parish woman faces a lawsuit over alleged credit card debt.

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