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Railroad workers claims chemical exposure led to lung cancer

German-Oden An Alabama railroad worker has filed a lawsuit against his employer after he learned that he had developed lung cancer from possible chemical exposure.

Academy Sporting store sued after customer slips in water

A Lafourche Parish resident has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Academy Sporting and Outdoor Store after he slipped in water and suffered injuries.

Diver sues after sustaining decompression illness

Delise A commercial diver has filed a lawsuit against his employer after he sustained a decompression illness.

Nurse files racial discrimination lawsuit due to lower pay

A nurse is suing her former employer after she learned that she was making $4 less per hour than other nurses.

Former veteran police officer sues for slipping on police department stairs days after he was announced as under investigation

A former veteran police officer is suing the City of New Orleans after he claims he slipped on a staircase within the New Orleans Police Department headquarters because there was no grip surface on them.

Police officers sued for negligence in high-speed chase accident

A New Orleans woman is suing the City of New Orleans other associated parties for injuries she received from a collision that occurred during a high-speed chase.

Long-term care facility sued after patient chokes to death on plastic bag

The legal representative of a deceased woman is suing a New Orleans-based long-term care facility for the death.

Malpractice case filed against surgeon for leaving sponge in patient

A woman is suing a local doctor and hospital claiming a sponge was left in her husband during surgery to remove cancer.

Man sues former employer for termination due to disability

Dale E. Williams A St. Tammany man is suing his former employer for firing him due to disability.

Tulane Medical Center sterilization failure yields another case

A New Orleans woman is suing a local hospital after finding out a medical instrument used on her late husband was not properly sterilized.

Punitive damages sought in case of towing company accused of stealing woman's car

A Jefferson Parish woman is suing a New Orleans towing company for allegedly stealing her car from her place of work.

Chase Bank sued after woman gets hand stuck in pneumatic tube in drive-up banking incident

Richard V. Kohnke A New Orleans woman is suing her bank after a door on the pneumatic tube system closed on her hand.

Woman on offshore drilling rig sues after being asked to share cabin with men

A woman assigned to work on an offshore drilling rig has filed a lawsuit against her employer that claims she was wrongfully terminated after she refused to share a room with a member of the opposite sex.

Seaman slips on kick plate and sues for $5 million

Shelton A seaman has filed a lawsuit for $5 million against his employer after he slipped on a kick plate and fell.

Seaman sues for $5 million after falling down ship's ladder

After falling down a ship's ladder and sustaining an injury to her face, a seaman has filed a $5 million lawsuit against her employer.

Worker sues after falling 25 feet from scaffolding

A sheet metal worker is suing after a safety rail on scaffolding gave away and he fell approximately 25 feet.

Boater sues after colliding into unmarked sign

After suffering injuries in a boating collision, a boater has filed a lawsuit against a pipeline company for failing to light and mark a sign.

Zimmer knee replacement manufacturer sued for metal on metal design

Claiming his total knee replacement is defective, Orleans Parish resident John Love has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the medical device, Zimmer Inc., on Dec. 20 in federal court in New Orleans.

School sued after second grader breaks fingers when playing in basement

A New Orleans woman is suing her daughter's school after the child broke her fingers while playing in the school basement.

Hospital sued for improper sterilization of equipment; Fear of disease claimed

A New Orleans woman is suing a local hospital that reported an instrument used in a procedure on her husband had not been properly sterilized and exposed him to infectious diseases.