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Dispute between waste disposal company and New Orleans resolved

The city of New Orleans and Richard's Disposal Inc. have come to an agreement for trash cleanup less than 24 hours before an Orleans Parish Civil District Court judge was set to hear an injunction filed by the waste disposal company.

Orleans Parish Clerk's office continues to deal with missing property records

The Orleans Parish Clerk's office is still working to recover missing property and real estate data lost after a computer crash in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Mississippi mud causes vessels to become moored, engineer sues

Steele An engineer has filed a lawsuit over injuries he suffered when several vessels became stuck in mud.

Seaman sues over unpaid wages

Several seamen are suing their employer in an attempt to obtain unpaid wages and to penalize the employer for each day the seamen's wages allegedly remain unpaid.

Family sues after collision with 18-wheeler on I-12

Mumphrey A family has filed a lawsuit against a trucking company and its driver after an 18-wheeler rear-ended its vehicle.

Sales rep claims job caused post traumatic stress disorder

A regional sales representative for Professional Marketing Services Inc. (PMSI) claims to have suffered from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after hearing a supervisor make a recently terminated co-worker beg for her job back.

Customer sues Lowe's after tripping over board

After tripping over a board and injuring herself, a Tangipahoa Parish resident is suing Lowe's alleging it failed to maintain its store.

Metanx substitute not equivalent, says class action against Walgreens


Seaman's injuries allegedly caused by lack of proper supervision

A Louisiana seaman is suing his employer claiming he was injured due to a lack of proper supervision.

Circle K sued over shooting in Bogalusa store

A victim of an armed robbery is suing Circle K convenience store for failing to deter crime over a shooting that took place Dec. 20, 2009 in Bogalusa.

Seventh-Day Adventist lost job because he couldn't work Friday afternoons, suit claims

Farrugia A Seventh-Day Adventist is suing his former employer after losing his job as a bus driver because he couldn't work after sunset on Friday afternoons.

Electrician sues for $5 million after slipping aboard vessel

An electrician is suing his employer Seadrill Americas for more than $5 million after he slipped and injured his neck and back.

Massage therapist claims employer created hostile work environment

Gallagher A male massage therapist has filed a lawsuit against his employer alleging he was demoted for not participating in sexual activities with his male supervisor.

USPS sued by customer who slips in rain puddle

David T. Davis filed suit against the United States Postal Service on Nov. 9 in federal court in New Orleans after he slipped and fell on a large accumulation of rain water at the entrance to the Hahnville Post Office.

Seaman wants $10 million after falling down stairs during power outage

A seaman is suing his employer for $10 million after the vessel he was aboard lost power and he fell down a flight of stairs.

Woman loses job after 29 years of employment, files lawsuit

A Louisiana woman has filed an age discrimination lawsuit against her employer St. Anthony Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center claiming she lost her job to a younger individual.

Seaman claims toxic exposure after vessel gets stuck to platform

Jones A Jefferson Parish seaman has filed a lawsuit against BP claiming he was exposed to harmful substances after his vessel became stuck to a platform.

Deckhand claims sleep deprivation after working more than 12-hour shift

Steele A Louisiana corporation is accused of negligence for ordering a deckhand to work beyond his normal 12-hour shift, according to a recently filed federal lawsuit.

Car wash cashier claims employer terminated her during pregnancy leave

A Jefferson Parish woman is suing her former employer after she was terminated during her pregnancy leave.

New Orleans Athletic Club sued by swimmer claiming chemical burns

A Jefferson Parish woman is suing New Orleans Athletic Club claiming she suffered chemical burns in the swimming pool.