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Tobacco settlement survives another challenge, appeal coming

Bader A federal appeals court decided Tuesday that 1998's Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement is constitutional, ruling against a challenge by the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

Former Kmart manager claims racial and gender discrimination

A Kmart store manager has filed a discrimination lawsuit after she was terminated for alleged misappropriation of company property.

Mud Lake environmental workers sue after being covered in oil

Two workers helping with environmental response teams at the scene of an oil spill near Mud Lake have filed personal injury suits.

Louisiana senator criticized by Ethics Board over role in suit against LSU

Marionneaux The Louisiana Board of Ethics announced Friday that state senator Rob Marionneaux, D-Livonia, violated ethics codes in regards to his legal representation of Bernhard Mechanical Contractors.

MDL judges pick New Orleans as venue for BP suits

Barbier After a tug-of-war between plaintiff and defense attorneys, a panel of judges has decided the hundreds of lawsuits against BP over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill will be consolidated and heard in federal court in New Orleans.

Fishermen-turned-skimmers deal with complexities of oil spill cleanup and claims forms

A sign at the Bridgeside Marina on Grand Isle advertises the catch of the day. With news that BP was sealing its Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, conflicting reports have come out of Grand Isle about the oil company's efforts to scale down cleanup.

United passenger sues after getting ejected from flight

A Louisiana mother is suing United Airlines after she and her son were allegedly removed from a flight due to her son's yelling after he was told to turn off his DVD player.

Pest controllers sue after gangway breaks and dumps them onto concrete

Three Louisiana men, who were in the process of fumigating a vessel for pests, have filed a lawsuit after the vessel's gangway railing allegedly broke, throwing them onto concrete below.

Mechanic sues Shell over benzene exposure

A mechanic has filed a Jones Act lawsuit against his previous employers for allowing their vessels to be saturated with benzene-contaminated air and for not warning him of the risks of contamination.

Paxil used during pregnancy caused defects, woman claims in suit

Centola A Louisiana woman is suing the manufacturer of the antidepressant drug Paxil after discovering it could be the cause of her child's birth defects.

Laid off employees sue over Jindal's layoff rule changes

Jindal After being laid off, several Louisiana state employees have filed suit over Governor Jindal's changes to the Louisiana Civil Service Commission's layoff rules.

Suit filed over garbage truck and motorcycle collision

Phares The family of a deceased motorcycle rider has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the employer of the garbage truck driver who allegedly caused the fatal crash.

Wal-Mart shopper claims tendonitis after deli shelf falls on foot

A St. Charles Parish resident has filed a lawsuit against Wal-Mart after a store shelf allegedly fell on her foot.

Rand's asbestos report shows lucrative outcome for lawyer trust fund managers

Budd Giants of asbestos litigation hold half the power in seven trust funds that paid $2.4 billion in claims in 2008, according to tables in a new Rand Corporation report.

Seaman sues after developing carpal tunnel syndrome

After allegedly developing carpal tunnel syndrome, seaman Anthony Francis filed a Jones Act lawsuit against his employer, Omega Protein, Inc.

Illinois Central carpenter sues after being hit by railroad timber

German-Oden A bridge carpenter, allegedly hit by a railroad timber, is suing his employer for failing to provide a safe place to work.

Lowe's customer sues for $450k after trip and fall

A Lowe's customer wants more than $450,000 after tripping and falling in the parking lot.

Boater files lawsuit after running into power line

A boater and his passengers are suing Entergy after their pleasure boat collided with a low-lying electrified power line, allegedly causing personal injuries as well as property damage.

Customer sues Wal-Mart for getting 'clocked' in the head

Irpino A Wal-Mart customer is suing after she was allegedly hit in the head by a falling clock.

Neighbor sues after fire damages commercial building

Wilson A New Orleans commercial property owner has filed a lawsuit against his neighbor, claiming a fire originating from their junction box caused extensive property damage to his building.