THIBODAUX — A lawsuit has been filed by the children of a man killed in a collision on the Leeville Bridge in March, claiming that the driver of the tractor trailer was intoxicated at the time of the incident.

Kenneth Ancar Jr., Krystal Ancar and Keina Tompkins filed their complaint in a state district court. They have named Brandon Bonvillain, Willie Bonvillain Jr., Josephine Bonvillain, Houma-based W.B. Trucking Co. and Texas-based QEO Insurance Group as defendants.

Bonvillain was driving a tractor trailer on the bridge when he crossed the center line and hit the vehicle that Kenneth Ancar Sr was driving.

Bonvillain attempted to flee the scene but police stopped him, according to Houma Today

Police have also indicated that he was under the influence of drugs but have not release any details. 

The plaintiff’s lawyer, Joshua Rubenstein, said he sees cases involving tractor trailers like this far too often.

“They are much heavier than any car or SUV," Rubenstein told the Louisiana Record. "This particular one was carrying sand and gravel, which of course makes it even heavier. As a result, the utmost care must be taken by both the driver and the motor carrier to ensure the safety of the public on public highways.

He also said that while there is currently no roadside testing for drugs that law enforcement can rely on, there may be some new options on the horizon.

“For marijuana, this is an emerging area of concern, particularly for states where marijuana has been decriminalized or legalized,” Rubenstein said. “There is a compelling state interest in having the ability to administer that type of test regardless of this case or any other."

Rubenstein said it was not unusual in these circumstances to have a criminal and civil case against the driver, citing Louisiana Civil Code articles 2315.1 and 2315.2, which have set forth the case for the children of the victim.

“Louisiana civil law provides that the surviving spouse and/or surviving children either or both may file a civil action against the motor carrier and the driver,” he said.

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