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Houston attorney OKs suspension following allegedly false accusations against judge, ex-wife

Houston attorney Phil C. Nugent, admitted to the Louisiana State Bar 27 years ago, has agreed to an 18-month suspension, following a June 5 Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding for allegedly falsely accusing a judge and his ex-wife of sleeping together.

Ford trying to collect on past due truck payments

GRETNA — An automaker is seeking past due payments on a 2008 Ford truck.

The Oil and Gas Industry’s The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly – this 1966 Spaghetti Western is a staple in the career of Clint Eastwood and in the heart of many young men growing up in the late 60s.

State claims woman failed to pay back Katrina grant

NEW ORLEANS – The State of Louisiana is seeking damages against a women who allegedly failed to pay back a disaster recovery grant issued following Hurricane Katrina.

Woman claims she slipped on a strawberry in New Orleans Walmart

NEW ORLEANS – A woman alleges she was caused to slip on a strawberry and fall in a local Walmart.

Contractor accuses Vessel NOLA of breaching contract

NEW ORLEANS – A local restaurant is being sued for breach of contract by a construction company that alleges it wasn't paid for its services.

Gate at Masons lodge allegedly fell on children

NEW ORLEANS – A mother claims that her children were injured by a gate at a Masons lodge.

Entergy claims Contract Callers breached contract

NEW ORLEANS – A local energy company is seeking damages for an alleged breach of contract.

Man alleges City of New Orleans negligent in caring for sidewalk

NEW ORLEANS – A man alleges he was caused to fall when he stepped in a hole on a city sidewalk.

University of New Orleans trying to collect student debt

NEW ORLEANS – A university claims that a student failed to pay on a past due account.

F3 Management allegedly owes debt to flooring company

NEW ORLEANS – A carpet and flooring company is seeking damages for failure to pay.

Juno Claims allegedly failed to complete post-flooding inspections

GRETNA — A construction company claims that a contractor failed in its duties following the historic flooding in August 2016.

Southeastern Louisiana University trying to collect unpaid debt

NEW ORLEANS – Southeastern Louisiana University claims that a student has failed to pay his tuition.

Philadelphia attorney suspended for allegedly practicing law while ineligible

Philadelphia attorney Dounnisei Kuo Gbalazeh, first admitted to the Louisiana State Bar more 10 years ago, has been suspended following a Dec. 5 Louisiana Supreme Court disciplinary proceeding over allegations she tried to practice law while ineligible.

Woman allegedly slipped on pasta at Outback Steakhouse

GRETNA – A woman claims that she slipped and fell on pasta at an Outback Steakhouse in Metairie.

Woman alleges prepared pig's feet caused food poisoning

GRETNA — A woman who had to be hospitalized after eating prepared pig's feet is seeking damages for food poisoning

Shreveport attorney suspended following alleged payment for client referral

Shreveport attorney Andres Humberto Aguilar, on interim suspension since August, has been suspended again following a Dec. 6 Louisiana Supreme Court order over allegations that included paying for a client referral.

Woman who broke wrist at Jean Lafitte House sues

NEW ORLEANS – A woman allegedly was caused extreme injury when she slipped and fell in a bathroom at the Jean Lafitte House in New Orleans.

Evans Creole Candy Factory accused of negligence

NEW ORLEANS – A woman is seeking damages after allegedly tripping on a rug inside a New Orleans candy store.

Jefferson Parish School Board accused of negligence in bus accident

GRETNA — Parents of a Jefferson Parish student are suing the school board and an employee for damages after the bus their child was riding in was driven into a canal.