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Groups fight to protect Fort Polk horses

FORT POLK – A lawsuit has been filed to protect a herd of horses after threats of auctioning the horses has risen.

Landry after court enjoins executive order: 'We do not live under a king in Louisiana'

BATON ROUGE – A district court ruled on Dec. 14 that Gov. John Bel Edwards unconstitutionally side-stepped the Legislature and created law, ruling that his recent Executive Order No. JBE 16-11 is unconstitutional and cannot be enforced.

Former assistant district attorney permanently disbarred following bribery plea

LAFAYETTE — A former district attorney in Lafayette has been permanently stripped of his license to practice law in the state of Louisiana after his involvement in a bribery scheme.

Group seeking recall of Yenni continues to obtain signatures for recall petition

NEW ORLEANS — While a rule limiting those taking signatures to being at least 600 feet away from polling places halted the progress of a recall group seeking to remove Jefferson Parish president Mike Yenni from office through the November general election and the December run-off election, their efforts are still underway.

Constitutional rights dispute between Governor, AG heading to court

BATON ROUGE – A dispute over an an executive order by Gov. John Bel Edwards regarding LGBT discrimination language in state contracts is heading to court in showdown that may define the constitutional roles of the governor and attorney general.