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Ship welder claims injuries due to collision

By Elaine Goodman | Oct 5, 2015

A welder who was working on a ship in dry dock is suing the owner of another ship that allegedly collided with the dock while he was working, causing the welder to be injured.

Patient sues Indiana orthopedics business, alleing defective bone cement led to bad knee surgery

By Elaine Goodman | Sep 4, 2015

A knee replacement patient is suing an orthopedics business, alleging she needed a second surgery after a bone cement failed to properly attach the prosthetic knee in the first operation.

2 cooks sue restaurant, alleging failure to pay overtime

By Elaine Goodman | Sep 3, 2015

Two restaurant cooks are suing their former employer, alleging they weren’t paid overtime despite working more than 40 hours a week.

Ex-prisoner sues prosecutors, police after he's exonerated

By Elaine Goodman | Sep 3, 2015

A former prisoner who served 33 behind bars for the murder of a police officer’s wife—a crime for which he was later exonerated—is suing detectives and prosecutors in the case.

Army veteran sues Departmet of Veterans Affairs, alleging delay in benefits

By Elaine Goodman | Sep 3, 2015

An Army veteran who served in Iraq is suing the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, alleging that his claims for veteran benefits have been intentionally delayed.

Prescription drug led to internal bleeding, lawsuit states

By Elaine Goodman | Sep 1, 2015

A Louisiana woman who took the prescription drug Xarelto is suing the drug’s manufacturers after she allegedly suffered life-threatening bleeding caused by the drug.

Two Louisiana RV buyers sue dealer, insurer

By Elaine Goodman | Aug 26, 2015

A Louisiana couple is suing auto dealerships and financial services businesses, alleging repeated efforts to fix leaks in their RV have failed.

Man alleges discriminatory workplace forced him to quit job

By Elaine Goodman | Aug 25, 2015

An African-American man is suing a former employer over allegations that he was forced to quit his job due to a hostile and discriminatory work environment.

Louisiana construction company sues Travelers Insurance

By Elaine Goodman | Aug 24, 2015

A Louisiana construction business is suing its insurance company, alleging failure to process a claim against the construction company by one of its subcontractors.

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