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California reclaims top spot on 'Judicial Hellhole' list; ATRA bemoans state's adoption of 'innovator liability'

By John Breslin | Dec 4, 2018

WASHINGTON (Legal Newsline) - California tops the list of jurisdictions regarded as "Judicial Hellholes" by a national civil justice reform group.

Louisiana lawyer says suing drugmakers for opioid crisis is not the way to solve epidemic

By Dee Thompson | Dec 19, 2017

NEW ORLEANS —A number of class-action lawsuits have been filed against pharmaceutical companies in recent years, alleging they created a public nuisance in the form of widespread opioid addiction, much like cigarette makers have been blamed for cancer caused by tobacco use.

LLAW decries potential trial lawyer tax break

By Alejandro de los Rios | Jul 14, 2010

Landry Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch (LLAW) is criticizing a proposed tax break for lawyers who file contingency fee lawsuits.

Sources: Trial lawyers expect tax break from Treasury Department

By John O'Brien | Jul 14, 2010

VANCOUVER, Canada - The nation's trial lawyer group, the American Association for Justice, revealed Tuesday that it expects the U.S. Department of Treasury to soon give its members a tax break on contingency fee lawsuits.

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