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Homeowner not entitled to attorneys' fees or damages in St. Tammany Parish suit

By Dee Thompson | Feb 7, 2018

BATON ROUGE — A man who requested the records regarding a code enforcement case pertaining to his house has been denied attorneys' fees or damages by Louisiana’s First Circuit Court of Appeal, even though he partially prevailed in the lower court.

Man arrested last year in viral video files suit against Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office

By Dee Thompson | Feb 5, 2018

Christopher Verdin Jr., whose arrest in May by the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff’s Office was recorded in a video that went viral, has filed suit against the department and three officers.

New Orleans wins dispute with criminal court clerk over funding for his office

By Dee Thompson | Jan 22, 2018

NEW ORLEANS--The criminal court clerk's office for New Orleans lost the latest battle with the city over an alleged $2.4 million in back-owed funding, after a state appeals court upheld a lower court ruling denying relief and a new trial.

Judge Jupiter hospitalized, temporarily replaced by Zeno in Orleans Parish Civil District Court

By Dee Thompson | Jan 13, 2018

NEW ORLEANS — The family of Judge Clare Jupiter, of the Orleans Parish Civil District Court, confirmed last week that she is ill and in the hospital, although they did not give specifics of her illness.

Louisiana lawyer says suing drugmakers for opioid crisis is not the way to solve epidemic

By Dee Thompson | Dec 19, 2017

NEW ORLEANS —A number of class-action lawsuits have been filed against pharmaceutical companies in recent years, alleging they created a public nuisance in the form of widespread opioid addiction, much like cigarette makers have been blamed for cancer caused by tobacco use.

Louisiana once again named as a 'judicial hellhole'

By Dee Thompson | Dec 12, 2017

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana was once again ranked as a "judicial hellhole" by the American Tort Reform Foundation (ATRF), this year coming in at No. 8 on its national rankings based on what the organization says are "unbalanced courts" and "excessive litigation."

Galleria office worker loses appeal of slip-and-fall case

By Dee Thompson | Nov 25, 2017

A high-rise office worker's appeal of her slip-and-fall case against the owners and operators of the Galleria in Metarie was rebuffed by Louisiana's Fifth Circuit appellate court.

ExxonMobil, Hess Oil win case over old oil well royalties

By Dee Thompson | Nov 24, 2017

ExxonMobil and Hess Oil do not have to pay royalties on an oil lease signed decades ago, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit decided.

Louisiana ranks last in legal climate, business survey finds

By Dee Thompson | Nov 24, 2017

Louisiana’s legal system ranks 50th — the worst in the nation — according to a new survey from the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

Parties file motions after ruling deems 32nd Judicial District election method as unconstitutional

By Dee Thompson | Nov 13, 2017

Despite a ruling in a lawsuit involving the NAACP and the governor that the method of electing judges in the 32nd Judicial District is discriminatory, both sides are arguing how voting in the 32nd Judicial District should be handled

Capital One suit over unpaid credit card balance resolved

By Dee Thompson | Nov 8, 2017

A lawsuit filed by Capital One seeking damages from a credit-card holder over an open account has been resolved in the 24th Judicial District Court.

Orleans Parish District Attorney's Office accused of coercing crime victims, witnesses

By Dee Thompson | Oct 24, 2017

A lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana against the District Attorney of Orleans Parish and others alleges that prosecutors unlawfully arrest, imprison and coerce crime victims and witnesses.

Appeals panel remands case involving robbery Dollar Tree parking lot

By Dee Thompson | Oct 15, 2017

A woman who sued Dollar Tree after claiming she was mugged in its parking lot in 2014 will see her case remanded after a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit vacated the lower court's ruling.

Man imprisoned 34 years wins civil suit against the City of New Orleans, others

By Dee Thompson | Jul 7, 2017

Reginald Adams, unjustly imprisoned for 34 years, has settled his federal civil rights lawsuit against the City of New Orleans and Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office for an undisclosed sum.

Federal judge rules against Remington in misfire case

By Dee Thompson | Jun 29, 2017

A woman who was injured in 2013 when her father’s Remington rifle misfired won $500,000 in a recent ruling by Judge Ivan Lemelle of the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

Bouncer alleges that scuffle with Lil Wayne was racially motivated

By Dee Thompson | Jun 23, 2017

Lil Wayne, a New Orleans-based rapper, is being sued by a Hollywood bouncer who claims Lil Wayne made a racist remark during a scuffle.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, HMO Louisiana file seven new suits in alleged price-fixing conspiracy

By Dee Thompson | Jun 19, 2017

&&&Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana and HMO Louisiana recently filed seven additional lawsuits to recover money lost after drug companies allegedly conspired to fix the cost of generic drugs.

Slidell police officer accused of forcing woman into sexual relationship

By Dee Thompson | Jun 16, 2017

A woman and her husband recently sued Luke Irwin, a Slidell police officer, for $3.2 million for allegedly forcing her into a non-consensual sexual relationship with him.

House bill aims to allow marriages for people without birth certificates

By Dee Thompson | May 21, 2017

BATON ROUGE — A new bill in the House would pave the way for Louisiana citizens to obtain a marriage license without a birth certificate, a move applauded by a Vietnamese-American man recently denied the right to marry.

Attorney General Jeff Landry sues Governor John Bel Edwards over $4 million

By Dee Thompson | May 21, 2017

BATON ROUGE — A recent lawsuit filed by Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry claims that Governor John Bel Edwards improperly withheld almost 4 million dollars the AG needs to run his office, the Department of Justice.

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