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New Orleans and Mississippi law firms merge to form one of largest on Gulf Coast

The New Orleans-based Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent, Carrere & Denegre LLP will merge with Jackson, Miss. firm Watkins Ludlam Winters & Stennis P.A. on January1 to form one of the largest firms in the Gulf Coast.

Lawsuit against oil companies claims Brown & Root worker died from radiation exposure

The wife of a deceased Brown & Root worker claims her husband died due to exposure to radioactive material and has filed a lawsuit against the oil companies that had equipment cleaned at the Belle Chasse facility.

Exercise DVD and product causes man to break two fingers, suit claims

After breaking two fingers while attempting to use a new exercise DVD and product, a Jefferson Parish resident is suing the manufacturer claiming the product was unreasonably dangerous.

Alabama employee sues after slipping in hydraulic fluid

An Alabama resident is suing his employer after he slipped in hydraulic fluid that had been leaking from a crane for about a year.

Safety trainer sues for overtime pay

Huffman A safety trainer working in the energy industry is suing his employer for violating federal regulations by allegedly failing to pay overtime wages.

Lawsuit claims Cipro causes muscles problems and joint pain

David A St. Charles Parish resident claims he is suffering from muscle problems due to taking an antibiotic for bacterial infections and has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the prescription medicine for inadequate warnings.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed after worker files from scaffolding

After watching his father fall more than 40 feet to his death, Tangipahoa Parish resident Jerremy Blanchard has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the scaffolding company for failing to properly construct the jobsite's scaffolding and for failing to provide his father safety lines.

Temple-Inland sued again over 'black liquor' spill into Pearl River

Following discharge of "black liquor" into Pearl River, three individuals, either sick from eating contaminated fish, from helping with clean-up of contaminated fish or from living close to vicinity of discharge site, have filed a lawsuit against the paper product plant.

Halliburton says BP hid information about failed oil well in new suit

Godwin Halliburton Energy Services Inc. filed an amended lawsuit against BP, claiming the oil company hid critical information about the failed Macondo well that led to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oilrig explosion and oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fisherman sues towing company for more than $1 million for causing excessive wake

A fisherman is suing a commercial towing company for more than $1 million after he suffered severe and disabling injuries when a vessel caused an excessive wake close to his smaller flat boat.

Vessel's captain sued after striking wellhead

Two crew members filed a lawsuit against their vessel's captain after he struck a stationary wellhead allegedly in broad daylight.

Disbarred corporate attorney completes first of three steps towards reinstatement

A former attorney from Al Copeland Investments Inc. who was disbarred as part of an expansive federal corruption investigation has completed the first in a three part process to reinstate his law license.

Dish Network techs sue for overtime wages

Technicians for a Dish Network affiliate have filed a lawsuit against their employer arguing that they have been unfairly classified as independent contractors in order for their employer to avoid paying overtime wages.

Man sues new employer for firing him after learning about lawsuit against old employer

Shortly after settling a lawsuit with a previous employer, Kendrick Rayford claims that when his current employer found out about the lawsuit he was fired and now he has filed a lawsuit against that employer for violating his civil rights.

Shrimping boat owner sues after larger vessel's wake causes his boat to sink

The owner of a shrimping boat has filed a lawsuit against the owner of a larger vessel after the vessel caused a substantial wake and sank his shrimping boat.

Seaman sues for $750,000 after injuring knee

A seaman is suing his employer for more than $750,000 after he claims to have suffered a knee injury when he fell to the deck of a vessel.

Morgan City sues Wal-Mart after slip and fall incident

A Morgan City resident has filed a personal injury lawsuit against Wal-Mart after she slipped and fell, fracturing her neck.

Racial discrimination claimed after employee comments on marijuana email

Farrugia After being fired for responding to a co-worker's email about marijuana, Krisner O. Green filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Pan America Laboratories on Sept. 8 in federal court in New Orleans.

Safety harness malfunctions, upending seaman, lawsuit claims

A Mississippi seaman is suing his employer after he was injured when the safety harness he was using malfunctioned and he was upended.

Kmart sued for $900,000 after shopper slips in water

A St. Tammany Parish woman is suing Kmart for more than $900,000 after she slipped in water and fell.