A New Orleans apartment complex, which calls itself a "state-of-the-art urban home for artists," is suing a security company for allegedly failing to properly install a security system for the complex.

St. Joe Housing LLC filed a petition for damages against Tassin Security Systems Inc. and Tassin Integrated Systems LLC on May 24 in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

The lawsuit claims Tassin has failed to properly install a security system in the loft apartment complex despite being paid $200,000 for the project.

After repeated delays, St. Joe hired an outside consultant to evaluate Tassin's work and concluded "that the person who performed the work was likely not properly trained and/or licensed, as it was obvious that such a person did not have the requisite skill and/or knowledge to perform the work."

The suit claims Tassin and St. Joe entered into a Gauranty Agreement to complete the work and Tassin was obligated to hire a third-party to review the installation but the work remains undone.

St. Joe claims that Tassin also fraudulently invoiced them for high-quality brand-name products that Tassin never installed, instead using generic and low-quality equipment.

"Tassin made intentional misrepresentations about its skill, knowledge, and experience, and concealed its lack of competency to handle such a large, state-of-the-art project," the suit claims.

The suit seeks damages for breach of contract, breach of warranty, fraudulent inducement and fraud and deceit.

Metairie attorney Michael Wawrzycki filed the suit on behalf of St. Joe.

Orleans Parish Judge Sidney Cates IV has been assigned this case.

Orleans Parish Case 2011-5471

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