Nightclub sued after pipe falls on woman's head

By Kyle Barnett | Dec 14, 2011

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans nightclub is being sued after a pipe fell on a woman's head in the VIP section, even though no injuries to the plaintiff are listed in the suit.

Samantha Serpas filed a personal injury suit Dec. 6 in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court against Ampersand and its owners William Blatty and Robert Brunet and their landlord the Khan Center.

Serpas claims she was injured when a metal pipe about 3 feet long fell and struck her on the back of her neck, which resulted in her falling against the table in the VIP booth. The filing states that the security and then management at the club were notified of the incident the night it occurred.

The defendants in the case are being held liable for the hazardous condition of the premises and are for being unaware of the defective condition of premises.

The defendants are also being accused of negligence in allowing a dangerous condition to exist upon the premises, creating a dangerous condition, failure to take precautions necessary to create safe environment, failure to properly inspect the premises for a dangerous condition and possible dangers that may result in accidents, failure to correct existing defect, failure to protect the safety of club patrons, failure to warn guests of potential danger and failure to maintain premises in safe condition.

Damages sought include medical expenses, mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, wage loss and loss of earning capacity.

The suit is brought by James S. Rees, of Covington, on behalf of Serpas.

Case 2011-12661 has been assigned to Division G Judge Robin M. Giarrusso.

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