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Louisiana judicial system ranked 6th worst in U.S.; Governor-elect Edwards anticipated to maintain status quo

NEW ORLEANS – For the sixth year straight Louisiana’s judicial system has been singled out as one of the nation’s most unfair, according to the American Tort Reform Association’s (ATRA) annual Judicial Hellholes report.

Custom Drywall & Painting sued for breach of contract, poor workmanship

GRETNA – A construction company is suing a subcontractor it claims breached contract.

Gretna couple sues claiming man did not disclose termite damage prior to home’s sale

GRETNA – A Gretna couple is suing a man who sold them a home claiming he failed to disclose severe structural defects prior to the home’s sale.

Brent Coon & Associates client ordered to return $2.2 million BP claim

NEW ORLEANS – The owner of a seafood wholesaler has been ordered by Deepwater Horizon claims chief Patrick Juneau to return a damage claim worth upwards of $2.2 million he received as part of the Deepwater Horizon settlement process on claims he falsely inflated his income and evaded income taxes to receive a larger payout.

NOLA Motorsports Park sued by woman claiming fractured spine in go-kart accident

GRETNA – A local racetrack is being sued by a woman who claims she was injured in a go-kart accident.

Ford Motor sues man for allegedly defaulting on $11.8K loan

GRETNA – The finance arm of an international car dealer is suing a customer they claim defaulted on a loan he took out for a new car.

Widow sues insurance broker, claims $1 million life insurance policy lapsed due to negligence

GRETNA – An insurance broker is being sued by a widow who claims her husband was not properly notified when it was time to renew his policy which lapsed before his death.

BP oil spill settlement to reimburse millions Louisiana paid to politically connected law firms

NEW ORLEANS – BP will pick up at least some of the legal bills the state of Louisiana incurred as part of a five-state settlement for the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, according to recent court order.

Study finds trial lawyers are Louisiana's largest campaign contributors

NEW ORLEANS — An investigation released by a legal watchdog organization has found Louisiana’s trial lawyers are pushing hard to influence the outcome of political races at all levels of state government.

Trial attorney spends $1.1 million to influence outcome of gubernatorial race

NEW ORLEANS – A trial lawyer responsible for filing nearly half of all legacy lawsuits in the state has sunk $1.1 million into a political action committee in an apparent effort to defeat gubernatorial candidate David Vitter.

Doctor sued for allegedly failing to diagnose deceased man’s heart condition

GRETNA – A doctor is being sued for allegedly failing to order diagnostic tests to determine if a patient had a heart condition from which he later died.

Best Buy sued by woman who claims she broke her foot in slip on rocks

GRETNA – An electronics store is being sued by a woman who claims she injured herself after slipping and falling on loose rocks on its sidewalk.

Walgreens sued over customer's alleged allergic reaction to medication

GRETNA – A man’s estate and his wife are suing a pharmacy chain after he was allegedly provided a medication that caused him to suffer an allergic reaction.

Condo association sued by woman claiming permanent disability after slip and fall

GRETNA – A condominium association is being sued by a woman claiming she is permanently injured after slipping and falling on the premises.

Contractor sued for over $16K by flooring company

GRETNA – A flooring company is suing a contractor claiming it was not paid for flooring materials and the installation of a floor in a commercial property.

Elevator maintenance company sued over woman’s alleged injuries after malfunction

GRETNA – A state employee who was allegedly injured when an elevator malfunctioned at her work is suing the company responsible for maintaining the elevator.

Barriere Construction Co. sued insurer for $240K over silo collapse

GRETNA – A construction company is suing its insurer alleging it wrongfully denied a claim involving a collapsed silo. 

Copeland’s sued by woman claiming she was injured in slip and fall

GRETNA – A local restaurant is being sued by a customer who claims she was severely injured after slipping and falling in water at the establishment.

Wal-Mart sued by woman claiming she was injured in slip and fall in milk

GRETNA – A corporate retailer is being sued by a woman who claims she was injured after slipping and falling in a puddle of milk.

Company sued for allegedly failing to pay for, return rented digital projectors

GRETNA – An electronics leasing company is suing client who allegedly rented three digital projectors from them and failed to pay the rental fees or return the equipment.