William S. Watkins

GRETNA – A construction company is being sue by a number of plaintiffs who claim that a submerged barge they left in a bay resulted in damages to their vessels and its necessary removal.

The Grand Isle Port Commission, Danny Wray, Richard Brondum and Terry Dugas filed suit against Kostmayer Construction, LLC in the 24th Judicial District Court on Sept. 27.

The plaintiffs claim Kostmayer Construction lost a spud barge in Caminada Bay near Grand Isle in Late June 2012. The defendant allegedly abandoned the barge just below the water line in the bay and that other vessels were being damaged when colliding with it. The Grand Isle Port Commission asserts they were notified about the submerged barge and contracted another construction to remove it from the bay.

The defendant is accused of being liable for damages caused to the vessels owned by Wray, Brondum and Dugas that struck the submerged barge.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for repairs to the damaged vessels and the cost of removal of the barge.

The plaintiffs are represented by Grand Isle-based attorney William S. Watkins.

The case has been assigned to Division K Judge Ellen S. Kovach.

Case no. 719-525.

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