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Phil's Grill in Harahan sued in slip and fall

Phil's Grill GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish woman is suing a local restaurant for injuries she allegedly received in a fall on its premises.

Woman sues condo association for allegedly taking over her property

GRETNA – A Gretna woman is suing a condominium association she belongs to for allegedly depriving her of her property by turning her condominium into a storage unit following Hurricane Katrina.

Business struck by lightning suing insurer

Angelina Christina GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish business owner is suing his property insurer for not providing a full claim on equipment that was allegedly damaged in a lightning strike.

Woman who passed out after donating blood plasma sues donation facility

GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish woman is suing a blood plasma donation facility for injuries she claims to have received in a fall after being released from its care.

Shoring company sued for alleged breach of contract and violation of state civil codes

NEW ORLEANS – An Orleans Parish resident is suing a home elevation company and its owner for alleged breach of contract.

Historical renovation company ordered to surrender property

NEW ORLEANS – An Orleans Parish resident is suing a renovation company claiming she is the lawful owner of a lot of ground in the 5th District of the City of New Orleans of which the company currently claims possession.

Louisiana State Penitentiary sued by inmate over missing property

BATON ROUGE – An inmate is suing Louisiana State Penitentiary employees after his personal property allegedly went missing and he never received a response on to a claim he made to prison administrators.

Metairie Wendy's sued by parents of girl involving slip and fall in grease

George B. Recile GRETNA – The parents of a St. Bernard Parish minor are suing a Wendy's restaurant for injuries allegedly received in a fall on its premises.

Operator of New Orleans to Baton Rouge bus sued for handicapped passenger's alleged injuries

NEW ORLEANS – A resident of the City of New Orleans is suing Hotard Coaches alleging she sustained physical and non-physical injuries as a result of the defendant's negligence.

Fallen case of jarred pickles leads to work comp insurance suit

NEW ORLEANS – An insurer for a New Orleans grocery store is suing a wholesale grocer for alleged injuries sustained by an employee over a fallen jar of pickles.

LSU and UNO sued by terminated tenured professor

Larry Samuel BATON ROUGE – An Orleans Parish woman filed suit against two colleges for breach of contract after she was terminated, even though she was a tenured professor.

Tentative settlement fines Motiva refinery $500K

Motiva refinery in Norco, La. BATON ROUGE – The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality has drafted a $500,000 settlement for Motiva Enterprises, LLC on Oct. 3 related to alleged violations of the Clean Air Act at the company's Norco and Convent facilities.

Lack of warnings signs on recently mopped floor leads to lawsuit

Obioha NEW ORLEANS - An Orleans Parish woman has filed a lawsuit against Church's Chicken that claims she slipped and fell due to a lack of warnings signs on a recently mopped floor.

Rental company sued after worker injured when equipment broke

Clayton NEW ORLEANS - After part of a trailer broke and fell on him, a worker has filed a lawsuit against a rental company claiming it should have inspected the trailer and maintained the equipment.

Seaman sues after falling while trying to get into bunk bed

NEW ORLEANS - A Louisiana seaman has filed a lawsuit against his employer claiming that he was injured attempting to get into his bunk bed when the sofa he was using a stepladder tipped over and he fell.

Sporting goods store sued by man injured from cross-bow cocking rope

Collett NEW ORLEANS - A sporting goods store is being sued by a man who claims he received eye injuries from a defective cross-bow cocking rope.

Supreme Court rules against disbarment for judge who was removed from office due to federal probe

Joan Benge NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled that Joan Benge may practice law in the state after a temporary suspension despite being removed from her elected position as a judge in the 24th Judicial District last year.

Construction company sued by port and boat owners for leaving submerged barge in bay

William S. Watkins GRETNA – A construction company is being sue by a number of plaintiffs who claim that a submerged barge they left in a bay resulted in damages to their vessels and its necessary removal.

Shoring company sued for alleged substandard work

Robert T. Garrity, Jr. GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish man is suing a shoring company for allegedly providing substandard work on the elevation of his home.

Energy provider and City of Gretna sued by man who ran into guy wire while riding bicycle

Stephen M. Chouest GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish man is suing a regional energy provider and a city government for injuries he allegedly sustained in a biking incident involving the property of both entities.