Morris Bart meltdown: attorney attacked at law firm building by co-worker's husband

By Louisiana Record reports | Sep 15, 2014

NEW ORLEANS – An attorney at one of the largest plaintiff's firms in the state was sent to the hospital recently after being attacked by the husband of a co-worker who alleged the two were having an affair.

According to a police report filed obtained from the New Orleans Police Department, Matthew Hemmer, an attorney for Morris Bart LLC, was attacked while boarding an elevator in the lobby of 909 Poydras St. in New Orleans, where Morris Bart LLC is located, on Thursday, Sept. 4.

Hemmer’s attacker was Matthew Quinn, 33, who, according to the police report, admitted to confronting and then attacking Hemmer for allegedly having an affair with Quinn’s wife, who also is an attorney at Morris Bart LLC.

Quinn told police that Hemmer tried to escape the confrontation by getting into the elevator and that is when the assault occurred.

“Quinn stated he was attempting to find out the details of what happened between Hemmer and Dalton. However Hemmer refused to talk to Quinn,” the police report states.  “Quinn stated it was at this time Hemmer attempted to enter the elevator when Quinn struck Hemmer with a closed fist to the face.”

However, Hemmer told police that Quinn actually stuck him with a hard object wrapped in a towel.

“Hemmer stated Quinn was being loud and embarrassing so he attempted to escape the situation. Hemmer stated as he entered the elevator Quinn struck him in the left eye with an unknown object wrapped in a purple towel concealed in Quinn’s hand,” the police report reads.

While bystanders reported to police that Quinn had his hand wrapped in a towel at the time the attack occurred, when police searched the premises they were unable to find a weapon.

Hemmer suffered a laceration in the incident and later visited a hospital for treatment.

Quinn was arrested and booked for simple battery following the attack.

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