A Metairie man is suing an insurance company, a state agency and several individuals for alleged wrongful termination, employment law violation and fraud.

Bruce Wang filed against Mutual of Omaha, Michael Joseph Fargnoli, Michael Joshua Fargnoli, Kathy Wilber, and the Louisiana Department of Insurance in the U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana on April 28, citing infringements of employment and trade law.

According to the court filing, Wang was an agent with Mutual of Omaha, underwriting policies for his employer’s customers. He alleges that his employer withheld his wages, engaged in fraudulent credit practices, and wrongfully terminated him.

The complaint states that the Louisiana Department of Insurance was allied with the other defendants to cover up wrongful activity, fraudulent premiums, and/or false claims.

Potential areas of litigation include a lapsed policy belonging to the Fargnolis; false claims made by representatives of Mutual of Omaha; racial discrimination against customers; and/or a complex issue involving the plaintiff’s employment status. The filing also made reference to what appears to be a list of the insurance company’s clients.

Claiming violation of due process, Wang seeks damages in the amount of $4.7 million. The plaintiff is self-represented.

U.S. District Court of the Eastern District of Louisiana Case 2:15-cv-01382-ILRL-MBN

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