Employment agency seeks $286,000 from solar company

By Gene Johnson | Nov 17, 2015

An Arizona-based employment agency is suing a Metairie solar construction company, alleging it is owed $286,455 for employing workers connected to the company’s solar projects.

H-S International Inc. filed a lawsuit July 29 against ABO Ventures Inc. and William Ingram in U.S. District Court Eastern District of Louisiana, alleging breach of contract and misrepresentation.

According to the complaint, on Oct. 24, 2014, H-S International and ABO Ventures entered into an agreement where H-S would employ and pay for ABO professionals and staff working on ABO projects across the country.

The suit says all amounts invoiced by H-S International were due and payable within 15 days from the date of the invoice. In accordance with the agreement, ABO Ventures employed workers represented by Ingram who would be working on ABO projects, and paid their wages and benefits as employees of H-S International, the lawsuit states.

ABO Ventures was invoiced the agreed-upon amount, the suit says, but as of May 1, the defendant has yet to pay H-S International the amount.

H-S International seeks $286,455, not including late-payment charges, plus interest and attorney fees. It is represented by attorney L. Cole Callihan of Adams and Reese in New Orleans. 

U.S. District Court Eastern District of Louisiana case number 2:15-cv-03063-CJB-SS.

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