News from November 2015

New Orleans company sues U.S. Coachways, alleging failure to provide buses

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 2, 2015

A company providing destination services to clients visiting New Orleans is suing a transport business, alleging breach of contract.

New Louisiana water code committee to address concerns with outdated laws

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 2, 2015

The Louisiana State Law Institute is forming a new water code committee with the goal of helping to create new legislation for the state’s water law.

Former workers sue employer, alleging failure to pay overtime

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 2, 2015

Two former workers are suing their former employer, alleging lack of payment of federally required overtime wages.

Watts' fraud and identity theft indictment unsealed; Dog was among plaintiffs in BP oil spill litigation

By The Louisiana Record | Nov 4, 2015

GULFPORT, Miss. – David Watts smelled fraud in 41,000 oil spill claims that brother Mikal Watts filed against BP, and so did BP’s claims director and Louisiana attorney regulators, but Mikal Watts turned those claims into $2.3 billion.

Longevity in the legal profession makes for lively panel discussion

By Hoang Tran | Nov 6, 2015

NEW ORLEANS — Prospective law students eager to join the profession need to be aware of the long road ahead.

Former Democratic candidate endorses Landry in AG runoff election

By Hoang Tran | Nov 9, 2015

BATON ROUGE — Honesty is the best policy for former attorney general candidate Geri Broussard Baloney, and her endorsement of Jeff Landry reflects her principles.

Contracting company sues Jefferson Parish, charging unfair taxation

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 9, 2015

A Jefferson Parish contracting company is suing the parish and the parish sheriff, alleging unfair taxation.

Two men sue Take 5 Oil Change, co-workers claiming racial discrimination

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 10, 2015

Two Louisiana men are suing their former employer and several members of management, alleging racial discrimination.

Orleans Parish man sues over allegedly handicapped-inaccessible French Market Corp.

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 10, 2015

An Orleans Parish man is suing a corporation and the city of New Orleans over alleged violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Amelia towing services sue energy firms, allege partial payment for work

By Molly English-Bowers | Nov 10, 2015

Two Amelia towing businesses are suing two energy companies, alleging lack of payment for services provided

New Orleans woman sues city and tax collectors, claims constitutional rights violations

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 10, 2015

A New Orleans woman is suing the city and tax collectors employed by the city alleging violation of due process under both federal and state constitutions when attempting to collect her taxes. 

Louisiana couple sues over negligent repair claims on motor home

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 10, 2015

A Louisiana man and woman are suing a motor home manufacturer and dealership alleging that their vehicle was insufficiently repaired. 

Coca-Cola sued in class action case over new vending machines

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 10, 2015

A Metairie man is suing Coca-Cola Co. in a class action case over an alleged violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Louisiana Supreme Court establishes Access to Justice Commission

By Anna Aguillard | Nov 11, 2015

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana Supreme Court Chief Justice Bernette Joshua Johnson recently signed an order establishing the Louisiana Access to Justice (ATJ) Commission in order to ensure that all citizens are treated equally under the law.

Injured worker seeks $1 million for injuries suffered on ship

By Molly English-Bowers | Nov 11, 2015

A Lafourche Parish man is suing Louisiana two companies, alleging negligence for injuries he suffered on a vessel.

Couple sues Nissan, dealership claiming negligent repair of vehicle

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 11, 2015

A Louisiana husband and wife are suing Nissan and a Nissan dealership over alleged claims of failure to sufficiently repair problems with a warrantied vehicle.

Louisiana man alleges permanent damage from heated blanket

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 11, 2015

A Louisiana man is suing a manufacturer and a health care facility, alleging that an air warming blanket caused him bodily harm after a surgery.

Seaman sues offshore company over contracted disease

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 11, 2015

A seaman is suing a drilling company for alleged negligence regarding an ailment contracted while on the job.

Frankin woman allegedly suffers damage from IUD, sues manufacturer

By The Louisiana Record | Nov 11, 2015

A Franklin woman is suing a pharmaceutical company over alleged personal injury caused by one of their products.

Blackwater Diving LLC sues employee over injury claim

By Nick Bartholomew | Nov 11, 2015

A diving company is suing an employee over claims of concealing a pre-existing medical condition

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