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Man claims Thibodaux restaurant restricts accessibility to the disabled

By Gene Johnson | Dec 9, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – The owners of a seafood restaurant in Thibodaux is being sued by a man with spina bifida who claims the eatery restricts accessibility to the disabled.

Underwriters sue Atlantic Speciality Insurance Co. over coverage issues with boat crashes

By Gene Johnson | Dec 9, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – An overseas insurance company is suing a Hammond-based insurance company over which entity should bear more financial responsibility in connection with a tug boat they both insured, which was involved in a crash.

Cajun Outboards sued over allegedly defective vessel

By Gene Johnson | Nov 27, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – An East Baton Rouge Parish-based boat company is being sued for allegedly selling a defective vessel and making shoddy repairs to the craft.

Couple sues Starwood Hotels, alleging poor treatment because of racial discrimination

By Gene Johnson | Nov 27, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A couple is suing a hotel chain alleging racial discrimination during a stay because they are an interracial couple.

Owner of New Orleans bar and restaurant accuses ex-manager of fraud and theft

By Gene Johnson | Nov 25, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – The owners of Lucy’s Retired Surfer’s Bar and Restaurant in New Orleans are suing its former manager for allegedly stealing company profits through fraud and theft, adding up to more than $850,000.

Man claims Cajun Iron Workers violated FMLA

By Gene Johnson | Nov 25, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A lift operator claims his former employer violated his rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act to maximize its profits.

St. John the Baptist Parish Woman claims collusion in lawsuit against major airlines

By Gene Johnson | Nov 24, 2015

A St. John the Baptist Parish woman claims that three major airlines are in the midst of a conspiracy to restrict output of airline tickets and thereby fix, raise, maintain or stabilize prices of passenger airline tickets.

Livingston Parish man sues ex-wife, school board for custody of son

By Gene Johnson | Nov 24, 2015

A Livingston Parish man has sued his ex-wife and the school board that employs her over claims that they have ignored a court-ordered judgment and have refused to allow him to take custody of his son.

Notice filed for lawsuit over allegedly defective siding to be moved to federal court

By Gene Johnson | Nov 24, 2015

Two companies are asking that legal proceedings filed against them by the St. Tammany Parish Coroner’s Office be moved to federal court.

Owners of towing vessel file complaint to avoid any claims regarding barge crash

By Gene Johnson | Nov 23, 2015

A marine transportation company has filed in an attempt to avoid any lawsuits in connection with a barge crash at the West Closure Complex in Southeast Louisiana.

Beibu Gulf Shipping sued for $7 million over damaged cargo allegations

By Gene Johnson | Nov 23, 2015

A shipping company is being sued over claims that goods were reportedly damaged while en route from America to China.

Dual Trucking and Transport sued over alleged late rental equipment fees

By Gene Johnson | Nov 18, 2015

A Montana tractor and equipment business claims that a trucking company currently owes them $292,846.30, as well as a late payment charge of 18 percent.

Seaman sues Baton Rouge-based towing and salvage company claiming permanent slip and fall injuries

By Gene Johnson | Nov 17, 2015

A Mobile, Alabama man is suing his employer after he sustained injuries while working on a tugboat.

Jefferson Parish woman is sued over claims she tried to cheat her sister-in-law out of beach house

By Gene Johnson | Nov 17, 2015

A Texas woman is suing her Jefferson Parish-based sister-in-law in attempt get back a beach home that was once under the care of her brother.

Employment agency seeks $286,000 from solar company

By Gene Johnson | Nov 17, 2015

An Arizona-based employment agency is suing a Metairie solar construction company, alleging it is owed $286,455 for employing workers connected to the company’s solar projects.

Oil Spill Cleanup Worker sues BP America for alleged exposure to toxic and hazardous compounds

By Gene Johnson | Nov 16, 2015

A vessel captain that performed various cleanup operation from the BP oil spill claims the British petroleum company negligently exposed him to hazardous and cancer-causing compounds.

Boh Bros. Construction Co. sues to collect $511,019 for work effort

By Gene Johnson | Nov 13, 2015

A New Orleans-based construction company is suing a another company over payment allegedly owed in the construction of a concrete component of a waste water drainage system in St. James Parish.

Amtrak employee sues company, State Farm over injury claims after train/tractor-trailer crash

By Gene Johnson | Nov 13, 2015

A Jefferson Parish man is suing his employer, a transportation company and an insurance company after he was allegedly injured in a crash between an Amtrak train and a tractor-trailer near Tchula, Mississippi.

Utility Constructors Inc. wants out of deal with Plaquemines Parish-based woman over a plantation development

By Gene Johnson | Nov 13, 2015

A construction company based in Mississippi is looking to get out of an agreement with a Plaquemines Parish-based woman and her executor over the development of a plantation.

Louisiana laborers sue Texas-based Coryell County Tradesmen for alleged unpaid overtime

By Gene Johnson | Nov 12, 2015

Some Louisiana-based laborers, including a painter, cleaner and sheet rocker, are suing a Texas-based company claiming that they were not paid one-and-a-half times their regular rate for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours a work week.

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