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Federal lawsuit casts light on murky Orleans Parish courthouse construction project

By Andrew Burger | Dec 2, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A $4 million-plus lawsuit brought by Minnesota construction company Community Facility Partners (CFP) against the Orleans Judicial District Court Building Commission (JBC) and Parish Civil District Court Judge Christopher Bruno shines a bit of light on just how complicated, not to mention opaque and politicized, the process of carrying out civic building projects can be.

Appellate court rules woman can testify what she said in confession in alleged abuse case

By Andrew Burger | Aug 19, 2016

BATON ROUGE – A Louisiana appellate court on Aug. 1 ruled that a young woman who claims she was sexually abused as a minor by an adult member of the congregation of Our Lady of Assumption Roman Catholic church in Clinton can tell a jury what she claims to have told a priest during confession.

Wrongful prison death lawsuit shines light on growing problem in Louisiana

By Andrew Burger | Aug 17, 2016

BATON ROUGE -- A wrongful death lawsuit concerning a 72-year-old man who died in East Baton Rouge Parish Prison is moving forward.

Judge rules East Baton Rouge must continue as defendant in death of young boy

By Andrew Burger | Jul 21, 2016

BATON ROUGE – A judge has ruled the City-Parish of East Baton Rouge will continue as a defendant in a civil lawsuit brought by the mother of a 4-year old boy who drowned in a flooded, muddy sewer hole that had been left unmarked and unsecured. 

Class actions brewing in state over Johnson & Johnson baby powder and cancer

By Andrew Burger | Jun 23, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A local attorney and legal watchdog organization both expect to see class-action lawsuits filed in the state over allegations that Johnson & Johnson's Baby Powder and Shower to Shower products cause ovarian cancer. 

Disturbing 4th District Court legal battle between judges continues

By Andrew Burger | May 26, 2016

MONROE – A lengthening series of lawsuits that pits 4th Judicial District Court judges, attorneys and other legal professionals against one another raises serious questions regarding the credibility and legitimacy of the justice system in Ouachita and Morehouse Parish, as well as the ability of the court and legal community to fulfill its public obligations and responsibilities.

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