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Plaintiff lacks evidence to bring faulty airbag claim against Toyota Motor Corp. to trial

By Scott Holland | Apr 7, 2019

NEW ORLEANS — A federal judge has ruled Toyota does not have to face a lawsuit regarding an allegedly faulty airbag in a 2009 Corolla.

Federal judge rules medical school is allowed to exercise academic judgment in dismissing students for poor performance

By Scott Holland | Apr 5, 2019

NEW ORLEANS — A federal judge has rejected part of a medical student’s attempt to be reinstated to her academic pursuit of becoming a doctor.

Appeals court confirms falsifying medical history negates workers' compensation claim

By Scott Holland | Apr 4, 2019

NEW ORLEANS — A state appeals panel has affirmed dismissal of a workers’ compensation claim forfeited due to false statements.

Dispute over ownership of Gaspar Cusachs art collection is sent back to district court

By Scott Holland | Apr 4, 2019

The Gaspar Cusachs Collection was on display at the New Orleans Museum of Art for more than a century.

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