News from April 2016

Reporter's federal lawsuit against Baton Rouge police could lead to future reforms

By Michael Carroll | Apr 1, 2016

BATON ROUGE – A television reporter’s federal lawsuit alleging that he was illegally confined and his First Amendment rights trampled while at a crime scene in Baton Rouge last year could help foster better relations between police and the press, the legal defense director of a journalists’ advocacy group said on Thursday.

Workers' compensation coverage is the subject of a court battle

By Hoang Tran | Apr 1, 2016

BATON ROUGE – A workers' compensation insurer is seeking declaratory relief alleging it is not liable for a case.

Widow alleges that McDermott is liable for her husband's death

By Hoang Tran | Apr 1, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – The widow of an electrician is seeking damages alleging that her husband’s former employers are responsible for his cancer and subsequent death.

General manager alleges he was fired because of his disabilities

By Hoang Tran | Apr 1, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A general manager of a luxury import company is seeking damages over claims of wrongful and discriminatory termination.

Island Operating seeks to recoup its costs during a legal battle

By Hoang Tran | Apr 1, 2016

LAFAYETTE – A contractor and its insurance provider are seeking to recoup the costs they incurred during a case for which they allege no responsibility.

Insurance company asserts that it has no obligation to provide coverage

By Hoang Tran | Apr 1, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – An insurance company is filing for declaratory relief alleging that it was not providing coverage to a company during the time of the claims.

Charter schools challenge legality of New Orleans school funding plan

By Michael Carroll | Apr 3, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A move to standardize how education funds are divvied up among all New Orleans public schools has prompted a federal lawsuit alleging that the new formula will violate contracts between charter schools and the Orleans Parish School District, while depriving some schools of due process and equal protection under the law.

Attorney charged with battery files lawsuit alleging he was the victim

By Emma Gallimore | Apr 3, 2016

VIDALIA – An attorney has filed a lawsuit against Concordia Parish District Attorney Brad Burget in an ongoing dispute over who attacked whom.

Bill to repeal political subdivision jury trial prohibition passes Senate, seeks House companion

By Karen Kidd | Apr 3, 2016

BATON ROUGE – A bill that would repeal a Louisiana law prohibiting jury trials in lawsuits filed against a political subdivision was passed today by the state's Senate and is now in the House.

Mayor spokesman says latest WTC lawsuit 'frivolous' and 'desperate,' but developer claims necessity

By Karen Kidd | Apr 3, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – “Frivolous” and “desperate” is how the New Orleans mayor’s press secretary sums up Two Canal Street Investors’ latest lawsuit over losing its bid to develop the World Trade Center.

Engineering company alleges Louisiana business hasn't paid for work

By Hoang Tran | Apr 4, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A Texas contractor is suing a Louisiana business, alleging it has not been paid for work provided.

BMI, music groups accuse Covington bar of of copyright violations

By Hoang Tran | Apr 4, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A collection of music corporations is suing a Covington bar, alleging the bar has used their music without permission or proper license.

Server accuses restaurant of tip appropriation, FLSA violations

By Hoang Tran | Apr 4, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A restaurant server is suing a New Orleans establishment, alleging tip appropriation and refusing to pay overtime.

AIDS Healthcare Foundation alleges discrimination in Louisiana funding distribution

By Sean Fowler | Apr 4, 2016

BATON ROUGE – Having the most cases of AIDS per capita in the nation, Baton Rouge is often challenged in distributing federal funding between the organizations trying to provide care to those patients. Now, one group is alleging the most recent distribution of federal funds was unfair and is suing to have it changed.

St. Bernard Parish Council to vote on proceeding with suit against oil industry

By Vimbai Chikomo | Apr 4, 2016

CHALMETTE — The St. Bernard Parish Council is expected to vote on Tuesday on whether to allow St. Bernard Parish President Guy McInnis and a controversial law firm to potentially file a lawsuit on behalf of the parish against oil and gas companies for alleged coastal damage and land loss.

Owner of a fishing boat seeks damages after alleged collision

By Hoang Tran | Apr 4, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – The owner and operator of a fishing vessel is seeking damages after another vessel allegedly collided against him.

Drilling employee files suit after allegedly suffering injury to his back

By Hoang Tran | Apr 4, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A sub sea engineer is filing for damages against his former employer after allegedly suffering an accident while on the job.

Restaurant owner alleges Capital One failed to comply with court order

By The Louisiana Record | Apr 5, 2016

NEW ORLEANS — A Covington restaurant owner is suing Capital One, alleging failure to comply with a court order.

Financing company alleges equipment renter damaged property

By The Louisiana Record | Apr 5, 2016

SHREVEPORT — A financing and leasing company is suing an equipment rental company, alleging willful and malicious injury.

U..S government alleges Houma woman falsely claimed Social Security

By The Louisiana Record | Apr 5, 2016

NEW ORLEANS — The U.S. government is suing a Houma woman, alleging negligent misrepresentation.

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