A New Orleans woman has filed suit against her mother's husband, demanding he turn over all of her deceased mother's belongings.

Iria Williams filed the petition against James A. Holmes, Sr. on Aug. 13 in Orleans Parish District Court. Holmes was married to Williams' mother, Joyce Holmes, until her death Feb. 19. Joyce Holmes passed away without an enforceable will in place.

In the absence of a will, Williams says she and her two siblings are entitled to all of their mother's personal property. Williams claims Holmes agreed to allow her access to his Barrone Street home to collect things but has never made good on the promise. Williams claims Holmes changed the locks on his home and continually refuses to let her in.

In addition to her mother's personal property, Williams says Holmes also owes her $1,745 she allegedly loaned him to cover funeral expenses. Williams says Holmes promised to repay the entire amount but has failed to do so.

Williams is asking the court to order Holmes to follow all agreements between the two parties by allowing Williams to collect her mother's personal belongings, the items Williams bought for her mother and the $1,745 she is owed.

Attorneys W. Christopher Beary and William R. DeJeans of Orrill, Cordell & Beary, LLC are representing Williams.

Orleans Parish District Court Case No. 10-8347

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