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Woman suing a construction company after falling in front of her hom

Cates A New Orleans woman is suing a construction company that was renovating her house, alleging she fell on sand placed by workers to cover a hole in the sidewalk in front of her home.

Woman sues US Trustee over allegedly false accusations

A New Orleans business woman is suing the federal government and its lawyer after she was accused of wrongful business practices.

New Orleans and sewer board named in personal injury suit

A New Orleans woman is suing the city and its sewer board after she allegedly slipped and fell in water from a leaking drain pipe.

Warwick Hotel sues security company over break-in

The owner of a New Orleans hotel blames a security company for failing to keep someone from breaking in.

New Orleans Athletic Club sued by swimmer claiming chemical burns

A Jefferson Parish woman is suing New Orleans Athletic Club claiming she suffered chemical burns in the swimming pool.

Tenant sues New Orleans landlord over icy slip

A New Orleans man is suing his landlord after allegedly slipping on ice that covered the courtyard of his condominium.

Baton Rouge home owners sue PHL, Summit and others over Chinese drywall

An East Baton Rouge family is suing the builder and the supply companies, they say, are responsible for putting Chinese drywall in their home and then failing to notify them.

SUNO student sues over apartment attack

Impastato A Southern University student is suing the college after allegedly being attacked in her on-campus apartment.

Fastrac Urgent Care sued over lease agreement

A New Orleans property owner has filed a lawsuit against the owner of an urgent care facility which allegedly abandoned a lease two years early.

River Bend Electrical sues over unpaid work

A St. Charles electrical company claims a local construction company owes more than $95,000 for work already completed.

Lower French Quarter restaurant seeks full payment on fire claim

The owner of a cafe in the Lower French Quarter is suing its landlord and insurers for unpaid damages caused by a fire.

Company claims lawyer failed to point out judge's error

A New Orleans company is accusing its former attorney and his law firm of providing poor legal representation.

Rouse's customer sues over trip on wire

A New Orleans woman is suing a local supermarket and a liquor distributor after allegedly hurting herself in the store.

New Orleans man claims he was fired over work comp claim

A New Orleans man is suing his former employer for allegedly firing him after he claimed to have been hurt on the job.

Breast surgery center and hospital claim Humana failed to pay for reconstruction

Griffith A New Orleans surgery center and hospital are suing an insurance provider which they claim failed to pay for breast restoration procedures for cancer patients.

Lowe's customer claims cabinet fell on top of him

A New Orleans man blames a home improvement store for injuries he allegedly suffered when a kitchen cabinet fell on him.

Man claims New Orleans parking employee hit him with tow truck

A Jefferson Parish man is suing the city of New Orleans and a Public Works employee who allegedly backed into him a tow truck.

Husband suing Wal-Mart for wife's fall on smashed grapes

A man is suing Wal-Mart for injuries his wife allegedly suffered when she slipped on smashed grapes in a store aisle.

Entergy sued by man claiming he was 'electrocuted'

A Tangipahoa man has filed a lawsuit claiming he was "electrocuted" because of shoddy work by an Orleans Parish power company.

Pedestrian injured by driver on sidewalk sues

An Orleans Parish woman accused of being intoxicated and driving her car toward a group of people on a New Orleans sidewalk is being sued for injuries to one of the pedestrians.