William E. Mura Jr.

NEW ORLEANS – A Tangipahoa woman is suing a local hot dog push cart vendor alleging she was injured due to the vendor's negligence.

Carol Lynn Battles filed a lawsuit against Lucky Dog's Inc. in the Orleans Parish Central District Court on Aug. 10.

Battles alleges that while crossing a street off of Bourbon Street an employee of the defendant collided with her with his Lucky Dog Cart resulting in her falling and sustaining serious injuries to her legs, knees, face, arms, hips and back.

The defendant is accused of failing to carefully operate and properly control the Lucky Dog cart, failing to observe plaintiff and other pedestrians and failing to operate as a reasonable push cart vendor in the French Quarter.

An unspecified amount is sought for all damages including, but not limited to, pain and suffering and mental anguish.

Battles is represented by New Orleans-based attorney William E. Mura Jr.

This case has been assigned to Division M Judge Paulette R. Irons.

Case no. 2012-07909.

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