News from October 2012

Pastor seeking to share Gospel on Bourbon Street sues over religious speech ban

By Michelle Keahey | Oct 1, 2012

NEW ORLEANS - A New Orleans Pastor has filed a lawsuit the City of New Orleans for enforcing a city ordinance that prohibits religious, political, and social speech on Bourbon Street after dark.

Mississippi woman sues pharmacy claiming drug caused fungal infection in eye

By Michelle Keahey | Oct 1, 2012

NEW ORLEANS - A Mississippi woman has filed a lawsuit against a pharmacy that provided a product used during her eye surgery claiming the product caused a fungal infection which has resulted in vision loss.

New Yorker files class action lawsuit against New Orleans bank over ATM charges

By Michelle Keahey | Oct 1, 2012

Carter NEW ORLEANS - A New York resident has filed a class action lawsuit against a New Orleans bank that claims the bank did not provide proper notice of fees associated with its ATM charges.

Couple sues recreation park for child falling through bleachers

By Catherine Melancon | Oct 1, 2012

Russell W. Beall BATON ROUGE – The parents of a child who allegedly fell in a space between bleachers while watching a football game are suing the park commission responsible for the bleachers.

Lawsuit filed over purchase of Westbank New Orleans properties

By Tia Benton | Oct 1, 2012

NEW ORLEANS - An Orleans Parish resident is suing several entities allegedly involved in a transaction of property that was later revealed to be not merchantable.

LSU Urgent Care accused of severing woman's pinky finger in wheelchair

By Tia Benton | Oct 1, 2012

New Orleans – A Jefferson Parish woman is suing LSU Urgent care, several relative entities and the LA State Department of Health and Hospitals alleging she was injured as a result of negligence on their behalf.

Sub-contractor seeks payment for Terrytown Elementary School construction

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 1, 2012

Terrytown Elementary School before construction was completed GRETNA – A Louisiana corporate sub-contractor claims they are owed over one-hundred thousand dollars by a contractor for work completed on a school construction project.

Piccadilly Cafeteria sued for alleged food poisoning

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 1, 2012

GRETNA – A Raceland woman is suing a restaurant franchise claiming she received food poisoning from a glass of tea.

Water heater manufacturer sued by insurer who claims water leak damaged home

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 1, 2012

GRETNA – A nationwide insurer is suing a Massachusetts-based manufacturer and a local installer for damages one of its customers received from a defective water heater.

Prisoner sues state over parole violation sentencing

By Catherine Melancon | Oct 1, 2012

BATON ROUGE – A prisoner serving time at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center is accusing the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections of exceeding its authority.

Family of man electrocuted at home sues home inspector

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 2, 2012

Irvy E. Cosse, III GRETNA – The wife of man who allegedly died from electrocution is suing a home inspection company.

Louisiana Can Learn A Lot from Texas About Creating Jobs, Cutting Lawsuits

By Melissa Landry | Oct 2, 2012

Melissa Landry It is no secret that Texas and Louisiana are very different states. They love barbecue. We love gumbo. They are known for big belt buckles. We're known for white shrimp boots. And on Sundays, they root for the Cowboys, while we cheer for the Saints.

Former trucker and wife sue for injuries arising from broken seat vibrations

By Tia Benton | Oct 2, 2012

Jeffrey T. Greenberg NEW ORLEANS - A Picayune, Miss. couple is suing several entities for allegedly ignoring unsafe work conditions that resulted in one of them sustaining injuries.

Woman sues Wal-Mart after tripping over grape

By Catherine Melancon | Oct 2, 2012

Scott M. Emonet BATON ROUGE – A Wal-Mart customer is suing after tripping and falling on a grape last year at the store located at 3132 College Dr.

Woman sues foot doctor over allegedly contaminated sutures

By Catherine Melancon | Oct 2, 2012

BATON ROUGE – A Baton Rouge woman is suing a surgeon after he allegedly used contaminated sutures during her foot surgery.

LLAW says consumers should be aware that litigation drives up costs

By Catherine Melancon | Oct 3, 2012

Melissa Landry BATON ROUGE - With Louisiana consistently ranked as having one of the worst legal climates in the country, a watchdog organization is encouraging legal reform during "Lawsuit Abuse Awareness Week."

Baskin Robins sued by man who allegedly tripped over pothole

By Catherine Melancon | Oct 3, 2012

Vergie L. Riley BATON ROUGE – A Baton Rouge man is suing an ice cream franchise for alleged injuries he suffered from falling on the premises.

Tow truck driver employed by Dale's Towing sued in rear end collision

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 3, 2012

Ron A. Austin GRETNA – A tow truck driver who was drinking on the job and the company he was working for are being sued by a couple after he allegedly rear-ended their vehicle.

Harahan Wal-Mart sued by woman claiming she was hit by pallet jack

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 3, 2012

Val Patrick Exnicios GRETNA – A woman is suing a local retailer for injuries she claims to have received due to the negligence of one of its employees.

Recreation department sued by woman who allegedly stepped in hole at playground

By Kyle Barnett | Oct 3, 2012

Lakeshore Playground GRETNA – A Jefferson Parish woman is using a parish recreation department for injuries she claims to have received at a playground.

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