NEW ORLEANS – The girl was injured after falling on the stairs at Holy Ghost elementary school.

Charlotte Owens filed suit on behalf of her minor child against Holy Ghost School and the Archdiocese of New Orleans in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Jan. 9.

The suit claims Owens’ daughter was returning to her classroom from the restroom when she slipped on the stairs. The stairs were wet and her foot became wedged between two individual steps, according to the suit.

When Owens' daughter returned to the classroom her teacher noticed the girl's ankle was injured and swollen, the suit states. The teacher sent Owens’ daughter to the office accompanied by another student. Owens was alerted by the school and took her daughter to Children’s Hospital where her ankle was placed in a cast.

As a result of the severe injury, trauma and Owens’ daughter's pre-existing condition she suffered a pain crisis which prolonged her recovery and extended her hospital stay. Owens’ daughter allegedly still suffers from ankle pain.

The defendant is accused of failing to properly maintain its stairs in a reasonably safe condition, failure to timely and adequately remedy a known hazardous condition, failing to post adequate warnings of a hazardous condition, failure to exercise reasonable care in maintaining its stairs, failing to warn students of the unsafe condition of the stairs, failing to instruct teachers on proper procedures for evaluating injuries, failing to properly supervise and train teachers, failing to exercise reasonable care in light of the plaintiff's daughter's  pre-existing conditions, of failing to act reasonably in aiding the plaintiff's daughter who suffered from a known ankle injury by instructing her to walk unassisted to the office and failing to provide reasonable aid to Owens' daughter.

An unspecified amount of damages is sought for past, present and future medical expenses, past, present and future physical pain and suffering, past, present and future mental anguish and emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The plaintiff is represented by Jeffery J. Waltz of Tonry, Brinson & Glorioso.

The case has been assigned to Division G Judge Robin M. Giarrusso.

Case No. 2013-00207

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