Florida contractor sued after man's foot allegedly crushed by falling doors

By Lizzy Fitzsousa | Feb 27, 2014

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans man is suing a Florida-based contractor and one of its employees for injuries he claims were the result of being crushed under a stack of heavy doors.

Gerald G. Barnes filed suit against Florida company Custom Interior Trim LLC and Theodore J. Allen in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

Barnes alleges that Custom Interior Trim was working on a home on 1677 Robert Street in New Orleans at the same time he was working for the property owner, William Monaghan, as a self-employed handyman. Both Custom and Allen were hired to install large doors on the property. On Dec. 8, 2013 Barnes alleges that either a Custom employee or Allen asked Barnes to help them move one of the doors. Barnes asserts he went to the stack of doors to assist, but Custom workers lost control of the doors. Barnes claims that Custom and Allen were supposedly hired for their expertise in moving heavy doors, but alleges the doors fell on him, crushing his foot, and another Custom employee.

Custom and Allen are accused of negligence in allowing the doors to fall over and by not moving the doors one at a time.

Unspecified damages requested for medical expenses and loss of income.

Plaintiff is represented by New Orleans area attorney Morris H. Hyman.

Custom filed a notice of removal on Jan. 8, claiming that there is a diversity of citizenship because Barnes is a citizen of Louisiana and Custom and Allen are citizens of Florida. Additionally they claim the amount in the controversy exceeds $75,000 which is above a jurisdictional threshold, therefore removable to a United States District Court.

Custom and Allen are represented by Christopher A. D’Amour of New Orleans.

Case is assigned to Division D Judge Lloyd J. Medley Jr.

Case no. 2013-11535.

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