NEW ORLEANS – A former New Orleans police officer has filed suit against the City of New Orleans for allegedly improperly calculating and refusing to honor his full pension benefits.

Gordon Benedict Hyde Jr. filed suit against the City of New Orleans in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court on May 9.

The plaintiff claims he accrued 300 sick leave days during his 25-year tenure with the New Orleans Police Department that he did not use, and would like to have those sick days converted into pensionable benefits under a Louisiana state statute. The plaintiff claims the applicable statute converts his sick days on a one-to-one basis rather than the formula the city has used to calculate his benefits. The plaintiff asserts that the city calculated his 300 sick days to be 112.23 days using an improper formula.

The defendant is accused of violating a state statute by using an improper formula to account for the plaintiff’s pensionable time credit, thus refusing to pay the proper benefits earned by the plaintiff.

The plaintiff is seeking an unknown amount in damages for compensation of the 1.8 years of pensionable credit he says he earned under the applicable state legislation but was not awarded for, attorneys fees and costs of court.

Gordon Hyde, Jr. is represented by Claude A. Schlesinger from the firm of Guste, Barnett, Schlesinger, Henderson & Alpaugh LLP in New Orleans.

The case has been assigned to Division H Pro Tempore Judge Val P. Exnicios.

Case no. 2014-04638.

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