Homeowner sues insurer, renovation company after fire

By Kyle Barnett | Jul 3, 2015

GRETNA – A homeowner is sung her property insurer and a renovation company after her home was severely damaged in a fire.

GRETNA – A homeowner is suing her property insurer and a renovation company after her home was severely damaged in a fire.

Marie Derosier filed suit against Lexington Insurance Co. and Certified Cleaning and Restoration Inc. in the 24th Judicial District Court on May 15.

Derosier alleges her home located at 2221 Deerlick in Harvey was covered by an insurance contract provided by Lexington Insurance Company. The plaintiff contends that nearly the entire structure, outside of a few load bearing beams, was destroyed in the incident. Derosier asserts that Lexington Insurance has failed to properly assess the damage to her home and disputed the claims payment they were offering her.

The plaintiff further claims Certified Cleaning and Restoration Inc. was forced on her as a preferred vendor by Lexington Insurance Company to restore and renovate her damaged home. Derosier maintains that she told Lexington Insurance Company she would do part of the work to restore her home, but that when Certified Cleaning and Restoration Inc. took over the project they threw away several of her personal items without her permission and then submitted a bill to the insurer for $13,885.96 for the work. In addition, Certified Cleaning and Restoration Inc., according to Derosier, is holding some of her items in storage until they receive full payment.

The defendant is accused of failing to pay for all damages under the policy, failing to include all damages, failing to bring in qualified professionals, refusing to pay for items, depreciating the property value, refusing to explain or provide calculations for depreciation, failing to pay for a post-catastrophe price increase, failing to timely and fully pay for additional expenses, failing to properly communicate with the insured, breach of contract and negligence.

An unspecified amount in damages is sought for full value of the property, loss of use, recoverable depreciation, mold damage, remediation, debris clean up, cost of compliance, mental anguish, attorney fees and litigation costs.

Derosier is represented by Joseph “Joey” F. LaHatte.

The case has been assigned to Division N Judge Stephen D. Enright Jr.

Case no. 749-779.

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