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Plaintiffs seek to extend discovery in gas leak suit against city

Wolff Orleans Parish Civil District Judge Ethel Julien will hear a plaintiff motion to extend discovery in a suit against the city of New Orleans involving a 2003 gas leak.

Homeowners sue insurance company for unpaid Katrina claim

An Orleans Parish couple is suing an insurance company for property damage caused by Hurricane Katrina.

Contractor claims homeowners trying to force him to do more work

An Orleans Parish contractor is accusing homeowners of trying to force him into doing more work without more pay.

Woman asks to be re-named executor after losing will in Katrina

An Orleans Parish woman is asking to be reinstated as executor of her deceased husband's will.

Judge denies injunction in suit over Gulf oil-skimming technology

U.S. District Judge Eldon E. Fallon on Wednesday denied an injunction sought by plaintiffs suing a rival company for allegedly stealing Gulf oil-spill cleanup technology.

Iberia Parish woman accused of converting $142,000 insurance payment

A mortgage servicing company is accusing an Iberia Parish woman of stealing insurance proceeds.

Businessman sues attorneys just in case lawsuit is unsuccessful

Didriksen The owner of a consulting company is suing members of an Orleans Parish law firm for damages he may suffer if a previously-filed lawsuit is unsuccessful.

Hustler Club fights bar over use of alley

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club in the French Quarter is claiming that its neighbor, the Utopia Night Club, is threatening to closed down a fire alley in between the two buildings, thus forcing the city of New Orleans to revoke the strip club's license, according to documents filed in Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

'Who Dat' ownership battle set for conference Oct. 7

A scheduling conference has been set for Oct. 7 in a suit between parties fighting over who has ownership of the term "Who Dat."

Man sues over injuries suffered in platform blast

A Texas man is suing the companies he says are to blame for an explosion that left him permanently injured.

Improper payphone removal blamed for fall

An Orleans Parish woman has filed a lawsuit after allegedly tripping over metal rods left behind after a payphone was removed.

Inmate claims forced TB testing is unconstitutional

After being arrested for driving while intoxicated and placed in a St. Charles jail cell, Ronnie Strange claims he was involuntarily injected with a foreign and dangerous substance in direct violation of his civil rights, Louisiana and federal law.

Woman sues Walgreens after slipping and falling

An Orleans Parish woman blames drug store employees for causing her to slip and fall.

Employee claims he was forced to work five hours on hands and knees

Wynne An Alabama resident has filed a lawsuit against his former employer after he was forced to work five hours on his hands and knees attempting to fix the floor of a vessel.

Jones Act lawsuit filed over seaman's hand injuries

Miller A seaman filed a lawsuit under the Jones Act after he sustained serious injuries to his hand while working on an offshore drilling unit.

Vessel worker seeks $1.2 million over injuries in transfer basket

A Mississippi seaman has filed a lawsuit against the employer of a crane operator after the operator allegedly jerked a personnel transfer basket off a vessel's deck.

Seaman fears cancer over asbestos exposure

Craig After learning he was exposed to asbestos more than 30 years ago, a Louisiana resident has filed a federal lawsuit claiming he fears developing cancer.

Food service employees sue New Orleans convention center

Food service employees for the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center in New Orleans have filed a collective lawsuit alleging they were not paid proper wages or overtime compensation.

Laborer claims unpaid wages in suit

A laborer at a rock-crushing yard has filed a lawsuit claiming he was not paid all the wages he earned during his 19-day employment.

Judge hears motions in school shooting suit

Rodney Judge Robin Giarusso heard three motions in a suit involving a 2003 school shooting in Orleans Parish Civil District Court on Sept. 7.