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Class action filed against Louisiana industrial painting company over wages


Refinery worker claims job-related stress led to disability

A Valero employee has filed a lawsuit against his company arguing that job-related stress caused by intimidation and racial discrimination has resulted in the employee being placed on long term disability.

Med mal suit claims surgeon took advice of salesman over standards of care

After suffering complications from a lumbar surgery, a Virginia resident has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against a Louisiana surgeon for allegedly taking the recommendation of a salesman instead of complying with an appropriate level of standard of care.

Family sues after son lost at sea

The parents of a missing Louisiana man have filed a lawsuit against their son's employer claiming the company failed to use proper lifesaving actions, allowing their son to become lost at sea.

Jones Act lawsuit filed against company after employee injured when towing strap breaks

A Louisiana seaman has filed a Jones Act lawsuit against his employer after he was knocked to the ground when a towing strap snapped.

BP sued after seaman thrown overboard during 'man overboard' drill

Camel A seaman has filed a lawsuit against BP after he was thrown overboard while participating in a man overboard training drill

Painter claims exposure to benzene resulted in multiple myeloma

A painter claims his years of exposure to benzene-containing products has resulted in his diagnosis of multiple myeloma and has filed suit against companies who manufactured the products.

Hair iron manufacturer sued after house catches fire

The manufacturer of a hair iron is being sued by an insurance company for more than $190,000 after a house caught on fire causing significant property damage.

Hospital secretary sues after losing job due to overscheduling patients

Rose Hitchen filed a lawsuit against her employer Southeast Community Health Systems claiming she was a victim of race and age discrimination.

Seaman sues Transocean after being hit in the head with falling scaffolding

After being hit in the head by a falling piece of scaffolding, a seaman is suing Transocean for allegedly failing to secure it.

Cytec employee claims 39 years of exposure to dangerous noise led to hearing loss

An employee of Cytec's Fortier facility, suffering from hearing loss, has filed a lawsuit claiming he was exposed to unreasonably loud and damaging noise on a regular and continuous basis for approximately 39 years.

Bank employee claims retaliatory discharge over familty leave request

Rose A bank employee has filed a lawsuit against a Harahan bank after she was allegedly terminated a day after requesting medical leave.

Construction workers sue New Orleans company over unpaid wages

Tusa Several construction workers are suing a New Orleans company for allegedly failing to pay more than $12,000 in wages.

Railroad worker sues after injuring finger

A railroad worker is suing his employer after his finger was injured when a co-worker allegedly attempted to kick a door shut.

Welder sues after becoming covered in chemicals

A chemical company is being sued for allegedly not warning a welder that the tank he was cutting contained chemicals.

Seaman sues over crane accident

A seaman is suing his employer after a crane operator allegedly dropped a steel plate on his foot.

AT&T employee sues after losing job for failing to follow corporate policy

In a recently filed lawsuit, an AT&T employee claims he was told by his supervisors to violate corporate policy but when he acted as told he was fired from his position.

Racial discrimination lawsuit filed against Aimbridge

The director of sales for a Metairie hotel has filed a racial discrimination lawsuit claiming she lost her job because of her race.

Louisiana Dept. of Transportation employee sues claiming fired over medical leave

An employee of Louisiana's Department of Transportation and Development has filed a lawsuit claiming he was terminated for taking medical leave.

Security guard sues after losing job following on the job injury

A former security guard at the Alliance Refinery in Belle Chasse has filed a lawsuit against her employer after she was terminated following an on-the-job injury.