A manager for Coastal Waste Services has filed suit against his employer claiming he was beaten by a salesman during a meeting about the company's commission and bonus program.

Divisional Manager John Prior claims that shortly after the confrontation, he was fired.

Prior's suit against IESI LA Corp. claims he was hit in the face and body and thrown to the ground where the beating continued.

According to the complaint filed April 9 in the federal court of the Eastern District of Louisiana, another manager had to physically pull the salesman off of Prior.

Prior claims his employer knew that the salesman, Robert Ford, had a violent predisposition but failed to warn other employees.

He claims his employer is vicariously liable for the "actions of an employee brought on by a work related argument during business hours at the job site and in the course and scope of their employment."

Prior claims he did not retaliate or even strike the salesman in self defense.

He is seeking damages for severe neck trauma, neck and back injuries, loss of wages and earning potential, conscious pain and suffering, loss of employability, severe emotional distress, deterioration of physical integrity including physical impairment and permanent disability, impairment of lifestyle and medical expenses.

Attorney Jean-Paul Robert of Gonzales and attorney Joseph J. Long of Baton Rouge are representing Prior. A jury trial requested.

U.S. District Judge Helen G. Berrigan is assigned to the case.

Case No 2:10cv01078

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