Tyler J. Rench

NEW ORLEANS – Two companies battling over purchase orders and contracts are now embroiled in a lawsuit.

Standard Companies, Inc. and S.I.P. Technologies filed suit against International Business Development, Inc. and Alpine Coolers in the Orleans Parish Civil District Court.

The plaintiffs claim they produced a patented water filtration system that they sold to the defendant who placed it in a water cooler system.

The defendant later decided not to purchase any more.

Alpine claims the defendants were obligated to purchase the products because they incurred costs in anticipation of further purchases. Alpine issued a demand letter in January 2011 stating the defendant had a duty to purchase the goods. The defendant, however, asserts there is no contractual agreement stating it is required to purchase the specialty coolers from the defendant. In response to the defendant's refusal to buy the product, Alpine allegedly returned the filtration systems in attempt to seek a refund.

The plaintiff is seeking a judgement from the court declaring that the defendant does not possess a claim for breach of contract, a declaratory judgment that the return of S.I.P.'s devices was improper and damages in the amount of expenses incurred to house the wrongfully returned items.

The plaintiffs are represented by Tyler J. Rench of New Orleans-based Carrere & Denegre, LLP.

The case has been assigned to Division H Judge Michael G. Bagneris.

Case no. 2012-06279.

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