In Orleans Parish- A parking enforcement agent says he was beaten and arrested by two cops, and their party, after booting their vehicles.

Alfred Derischebourg filed suit on May 20 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, claiming he was harassed and assaulted by two off duty police officers, and their group, while working for Boot Man Inc.

Late at night on May 22, 2014 Derischebourg booted two illegally parked vehicles in a private lot at 1000 Poydras Street. Shortly after Officer Chris Clark, Officer John Herrin, Vicky Clark, Constable David Cantrelle and Kristine Alarcon returned to their vehicles, and requested Derishchebourg remove the boots without the required payments. Upon refusing, Derishchebourg claims he tried to flee the increasingly violent altercation, but was held against his will, subdued by the group and eventually arrested by NOPD

The group of party-goers involved say they paid their parking fees, but the parking vouchers never printed out. The group also states, that the violent altercation ensued only after they believed Derishchebourg intentionally rammed Officer Clark with his car while trying to flee.

Derischebourg is represented by local attorneys Issac H. Soileau and Ryan A. Jurkovic of Soileau & Associates, LLC.

U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana case number 2:15-cv-01712-LMA-JCW

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