News from October 2015

Tort reform a deciding issue as gubernatorial race approaches

By Anna Aguillard | Oct 1, 2015

As the gubernatorial race heats up, one divisive issue emerges that will certainly have a significant impact on the election: tort reform.

Patten’s Metal Express seeks compensation for allegedly unpaid fees

By Brandon Caples | Oct 1, 2015

A metal express company is being sued for alleged unpaid fees.

Vessel owners sue for alleged damages after crash with barge

By Gene Johnson | Oct 1, 2015

A Lafourche Parish boating company is suing an energy services corporation once headed by former Vice President Dick Cheney alleging that one of the defendant's barges crashed into one of its boats due to, among other charges, lack of due care, lack of training and improper navigation.

New Orleans property owners sue BP over alleged damages from oil rig explosion

By Gene Johnson | Oct 1, 2015

Some New Orleans real estate and landowners are suing BP Exploration and Production Inc. over damages they believe were inflicted to their respective properties by the explosion of the Deep Water Horizon oil rig.

Film companies sue investors, alleging breach of contract

By Brandon Caples | Oct 1, 2015

A New Orleans film company is suing a state official, alleging breach of contract and loss wages.

Time running short for claims against Xarelto

By Anna Aguillard | Oct 1, 2015

As initial trial dates in the class action lawsuit against Xarelto’s drug manufacturer are set, the window narrows to file a claim for injury compensation.

Study finds trial lawyers are Louisiana's largest campaign contributors

By Louisiana Record reports | Oct 1, 2015

NEW ORLEANS — An investigation released by a legal watchdog organization has found Louisiana’s trial lawyers are pushing hard to influence the outcome of political races at all levels of state government.

Couple sued for allegedly not disclosing problems with prior to property sale

By Maxwell Appley | Oct 1, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A man is suing a couple who he claims sold him a house with a faulty pool.

South Carolina resident files suit after Marriot Hotel hosts an “ice bucket challenge”

By Leon Roy, IV | Oct 1, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A South Carolina woman has brought suit against Marriott Hotels after she allegedly suffered injuries in a slip and fall during an “ice bucket challenge” event at the hotel.

Contractor sued over allegedly faulty roof replacement

By Maxwell Appley | Oct 1, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A property insurer for a condominium association is suing a  contractor for allegedly faulty roof replacement

New Orleans woman files suit against Walgreens, alleging negligence after slip and fall

By Leon Roy, IV | Oct 1, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A New Orleans woman has filed suit against Walgreens and its insurance company after sustaining injuries at a pharmacy.

State Farm customer seeks to recover damages after accident

By Tia Benton | Oct 2, 2015

A Beaumont, Texas man involved a car collision has filed suit against his insurer requesting monetary relief.

Class action suit filed claiming Orleans Parish ‘debtors’ prison’

By Anna Aguillard | Oct 2, 2015

A group of people charged with criminal fees filed suit against in Orleans Parish on Sept. 17, claiming that the parish criminal court routinely issues arrest warrants for delinquent payments without allowing defendants their constitutional right to plead poverty.

Bank sues Beaumont couple, alleging failure to pay mortgage

By Tia Benton | Oct 2, 2015

A bank is suing a Beaumont couple faces, alleging defaulted mortgage payments that could result in foreclosure.

ACLU files suit against sheriff's office, seeks data on prisoners

By Brandon Caples | Oct 2, 2015

A local foundation is disappointed with the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office and Sheriff Marlin Gusman for failing to respond to a request for data on acutely mentally ill prisoners.

Ship welder claims injuries due to collision

By Elaine Goodman | Oct 5, 2015

A welder who was working on a ship in dry dock is suing the owner of another ship that allegedly collided with the dock while he was working, causing the welder to be injured.

Woman sues LabCorp. for allegedly failing to provide timely status of her HIV infection

By Gene Johnson | Oct 5, 2015

A Lafourche Parish resident, also on behalf of her newborn daughter, is suing a lab company over claims of negligence in allegedly failing to notify her of her HIV infection in a timely manner, which could have saved her newborn from getting the disease prior to delivery.

Seaman sues barge owners, alleging negligence for injuries suffered

By Gene Johnson | Oct 6, 2015

A St. Tammany Parish seaman is suing the owners of an operational derrick barge, alleging injuries suffered when asked to perform a normally two-man job by himself.

Louisiana workers sue Classic Southern Home Construction, alleging unpaid overtime

By Gene Johnson | Oct 6, 2015

A group of workers is suing a Jefferson Parish-based construction company, alleging they were not paid overtime wages.

Triton Diving Services sues SeaOPS Marine Services, alleging breach of contract

By Gene Johnson | Oct 6, 2015

A Jefferson Parish-based commercial diving service provider is suing a Lafayette Parish company, alleging failure to pay for charter vessel services for at least six months.

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