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Class action targets Hammond mass towing

By Dan Harkins | Jul 21, 2015

The owners of several vehicles towed on the same morning are suing the city, police department and wrecker services allegedly responsible for a mass towing without cause.

Former employees allege doctor, practice guilty of sexual harassment

By Dan Harkins | Jul 20, 2015

Two former employees of a local medical practice are suing a doctor and the practice, alleging unwelcome sexual talk and propositions.

Fall at resort leads to court action

By Dan Harkins | Jul 20, 2015

A patron of an Alabama resort is suing the resort's maintenance company and insurer, alleging injuires after slipping on wet marble.

Seaman alleges negligence for tugboat injuries

By Dan Harkins | Jul 20, 2015

A tugboat worker is suing the boat's owner, alleging injuries on the job.

Class action suit targets insurance company, alleging breach of customers' data

By Dan Harkins | Jul 20, 2015

A couple is filing a class action lawsuit against a major insurance agency, alleging failure to protect against a recent hacking breach of security for 80 million customers.

Mother takes Zofran maker to court

By Dan Harkins | Jul 20, 2015

A mother whose child was born with physical defects is suing the company that makes Zofran, alleging it advertised for nausea when it has only been approved for cancer cases.

Inmate alleges injuries when his cane was taken away

By Dan Harkins | Jul 17, 2015

An inmate in a state prison re-entry program is suing his jailers and medical team, alleging they took his cane, which he said led to a fall causing a skull fracture.

Insurance firm allegedly turned down house fire claim

By Dan Harkins | Jul 17, 2015

A Texas woman whose home burned down in Louisiana is suing her insurance company, alleging it turned down her claim for losses.

Couple alleges installed drywall was dangerous

By Dan Harkins | Jul 17, 2015

A couple is suing the Chinese maker and importer of allegedly toxic and corrosive drywall that was used to remodel their first floor after Hurricane Katrina.

Disabled man alleges violations of federal disability law

By Dan Harkins | Jul 17, 2015

A disabled man is suing the managers of New Orleans' City Park, alleging several violations of federal disability law.

Exporter asks court to seize cargo in port

By Dan Harkins | Jul 15, 2015

NEW ORLEANS -- An export company is asking a federal judge to seize its cargo of Distiller's Dried Grains before it leaves port.

Disabled woman sues over disability claim denial

By Dan Harkins | Jul 15, 2015

NEW ORLEANS -- A disabled woman is suing her insurance company over a long-term disability claim it's denied.

Boat worker sues over injury

By Dan Harkins | Jul 15, 2015

NEW ORLEANS -- A man working on a supply vessel is suing the boat's owner over injuries he suffered in an accident.

Ship worker sues over injury aboard the ship

By Dan Harkins | Jul 15, 2015

NEW ORLEANS -- A galley worker on an oil development vessel is suing the ship's owner for an injury he allegedly suffered while working.

Offshore oil worker sues over injury on transport ship

By Dan Harkins | Jul 15, 2015

NEW ORLEANS -- A worker on an offshore oil well is suing a maritime transport company for injuries he suffered due to the company's skeleton crew that allegedly was poorly trained.

Shipping company targeted for allegedly ignoring a cargo ship's need for cargo

By Dan Harkins | Jul 15, 2015

NEW ORLEANS -- The corporate owner of a cargo ship is suing a shipping company for losses experienced when the latter company allegedly failed to load the ship's cargo.

Electrical firm finishes work months ago, still seeks payment for public works project

By Dan Harkins | Jul 15, 2015

NEW ORLEANS -- A subcontractor for the recent construction of a city-owned rental car facility is asking a judge to make the project's lead contractor and bond insurers finally pay for the electrical work it performed many months ago.

Worker alleges negligence caused oil platform injuries

By Dan Harkins | Jul 14, 2015

An oil platform worker is suing his employer, alleging negligence for injuries he suffered while working.

Seaman alleges injuries due to ship's defects

By Dan Harkins | Jul 14, 2015

A seaman is suing his drilling operation for an injury he says he sustained aboard the allegedly unseaworthy vessel.

Couple sues over allegedly defective Cadillac

By Dan Harkins | Jul 13, 2015

NEW ORLEANS -- A couple is asking for their money back after buying a new Cadillac that has allegedly been wrought with service trouble.

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