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Court issues split verdict in employment allegations against LaShip

By Gabriel Neves | Feb 19, 2019

NEW ORLEANS -- Six Louisiana people, who sued the company they worked for as a result of a series of labor law violations, have obtained mixed results in court, as two different motions were decided differently.

Court denies two motions by paint manufacturer in unfair competition case

By Gabriel Neves | Feb 9, 2019

NEW ORLEANS – Paint designer Annie Sloan Interiors Ltd. (ASI), which sued the makers of its paints for unfair competition, has obtained a victory in court

Motion granted to dismiss breach of indemnity agreement regarding charter school renovation

By Gabriel Neves | Feb 8, 2019

NEW ORLEANS -- An insurance company that first sued a steel company for breaching an indemnity agreement regarding the renovation of a New Orleans charter school, and was also being sued for breach of fiduciary duty, has obtained a victory in court

Court affirms exception of prescription, reverses defendant's claims in ExPert Riser Solutions case

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 31, 2019

BATON ROUGE -- The makers of a crane, who presented a series of defects that caused an oil company to seek legal action, has obtained a victory in court.

Appeals court reverses decision to dismiss residents' suit blaming Toledo Bend Dam for increased flooding

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 30, 2019

BATON ROUGE – Louisiana's First Circuit Court of Appeal recently reinstated a lawsuit filed by several residents living along the Sabine River in Vernon and Beauregard parishes who claimed construction of the Toledo Bend Dam resulted in increased flooding to their homes.

Court affirms summary judgment in case involving Livingston Parish man's power of attorney

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 30, 2019

BATON ROUGE -- A deceased Livingston Parish man's survivors who sued a woman elected as his power of attorney suffered a loss in the Louisiana First Circuit Court of Appeals.

Court upholds $1.3 million payment to Unisys Corp. from 3 state agencies

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 30, 2019

BATON ROUGE -- Information technology giant Unisys, after having its services to some Louisiana agencies terminated and appealing of the decision, had mixed results coming from court.

New Orleans-based attorney readmitted to practice of law after recovery from alcohol abuse

By Gabriel Neves | Jan 3, 2019

NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana Supreme Court recently allowed a disbarred New Orleans-based attorney to be readmitted to the practice law after recovering from alcohol abuse and refraining from billing clients for unperformed work.

Judge dismisses claims in suit alleging rights violations in attack at Hurricane Hole resort

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 20, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana recently dismissed a waste pickup worker's claims in a lawsuit alleging excessive force and violations of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments regarding an attack at the Hurricane Hole resort.

Court grants printing firm's motion to dismiss claim of family leave violation regarding job termination

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 19, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- A New Orleans woman who suffered verbal abuse while working at a printing company and lost her job after medical treatment, had a mixed result in court.

Court grants motion to dismiss injury suit against oil drilling ship's owner

By Gabriel Neves | Dec 17, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – An injury lawsuit filed against the owner of an oil drilling ship by a worker who claimed he was exposed to hazardous substances while at sea was recently dismissed in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana.

Kaplan city judge suspended for six months issues public apology over actions at bachelor party

By Gabriel Neves | Nov 19, 2018

KAPLAN – A Kaplan judge has made a public apology after the Louisiana Supreme Court suspended him from practicing law for six months.

Court grants writ, grants motion for summary judgment on LSU researcher's case

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 13, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- A former Louisiana State University researcher was granted a writ and had a motion for summary judgment allowed.

Court reverses judgment on workers compensation case against Filser Construction

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 13, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- The decendant of a Belle Chasse construction company has obtained a reverse judgment in a workers compensation case.

EEOC claims Rainbow USA engaged in unlawful employment practices

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 13, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing an apparel retail chain over allegations of discrimination against a pregnant employee.

Writ granted in Orleans Parish Criminal Court clerk's case

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 12, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- A criminal court clerk had his appeal converted into a supervisory writ in a funding case.

Louisiana Supreme Court sends message by striking down New Orleans ban on outdoor sales of art

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 8, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana Supreme Court recently sent a message to all Louisiana artists when it declared a New Orleans ordinance banning the outdoor sale of art unconstitutional, a lawyer in the case said.

Housing authority owes former employee accrued leave, federal judge rules

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 27, 2018

The Housing Authority of Jefferson Parish (HAJP) must pay a former employee accrued vacation and sick time, a federal judge ruled.

Appeals court affirms damages in ambulance, truck crash

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 26, 2018

A nearly half-million dollar judgment in favor of two brothers injured when an ambulance crashed into their truck was not excessive, an appeals court ruled.

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