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Metal One America, insurance companies sue barge owners over damages to cargo

By Gabriel Neves | Aug 12, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – A Michigan-based steel importer and two insurance companies are suing three barge owners for more than $250,000, claiming they mishandled and damaged a shipment of steel.

Florida Marine denies claims that it was responsible for sinking barge

By Gabriel Neves | Jul 29, 2018

LAFAYETTE – A Mandeville boat company that owns a vessel that was involved in an incident on the Ohio River is suing operator Riverwatch Inc., alleging it that it did not cause that company's barge to sink as claimed by Riverwatch.

New Orleans driver gets partial summary judgment in I-10 accident case

By Gabriel Neves | Jul 26, 2018

NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans driver Eric Brown obtained a partial summary judgment against another motorist through a motion that showed he did not effectively contribute to a car accident on Interstate 10.

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