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Court grants writ, grants motion for summary judgment on LSU researcher's case

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 13, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- A former Louisiana State University researcher was granted a writ and had a motion for summary judgment allowed.

Court reverses judgment on workers compensation case against Filser Construction

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 13, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- The decendant of a Belle Chasse construction company has obtained a reverse judgment in a workers compensation case.

EEOC claims Rainbow USA engaged in unlawful employment practices

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 13, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing an apparel retail chain over allegations of discrimination against a pregnant employee.

Writ granted in Orleans Parish Criminal Court clerk's case

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 12, 2018

NEW ORLEANS -- A criminal court clerk had his appeal converted into a supervisory writ in a funding case.

Louisiana Supreme Court sends message by striking down New Orleans ban on outdoor sales of art

By Gabriel Neves | Oct 8, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana Supreme Court recently sent a message to all Louisiana artists when it declared a New Orleans ordinance banning the outdoor sale of art unconstitutional, a lawyer in the case said.

Housing authority owes former employee accrued leave, federal judge rules

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 27, 2018

The Housing Authority of Jefferson Parish (HAJP) must pay a former employee accrued vacation and sick time, a federal judge ruled.

Appeals court affirms damages in ambulance, truck crash

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 26, 2018

A nearly half-million dollar judgment in favor of two brothers injured when an ambulance crashed into their truck was not excessive, an appeals court ruled.

Oil company amends lawsuit seeking more than $2 million from joint operator

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 26, 2018

An oil and gas company may add new claims to a lawsuit over a failed oil well, a federal judge ruled on Sept. 17.

New Orleans man denied motion to reconsider a succession case

By Gabriel Neves | Sep 20, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – The U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana recently denied a New Orleans man's motion to reconsider a ruling in succession case involving his mother's estate.

CBS and production company want to move lawsuit by NCIS actor to federal court

By Gabriel Neves | Aug 25, 2018

CBS Corporation and a production company wants a lawsuit filed by Justin Lebrun of the TV show "NCIS: New Orleans" to move to federal court.

New Orleans hotel operator sues owner for breach of contract

By Gabriel Neves | Aug 24, 2018

The former operators of the Troubadour Hotel accuse the owners of violating a termination agreement.

Jefferson Parish family sues Disney over bedbugs in resort

By Gabriel Neves | Aug 17, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – A Jefferson Parish family of three is suing The Walt Disney Co. after finding bedbugs in their hotel room.

Metal One America, insurance companies sue barge owners over damages to cargo

By Gabriel Neves | Aug 12, 2018

NEW ORLEANS – A Michigan-based steel importer and two insurance companies are suing three barge owners for more than $250,000, claiming they mishandled and damaged a shipment of steel.

Florida Marine denies claims that it was responsible for sinking barge

By Gabriel Neves | Jul 29, 2018

LAFAYETTE – A Mandeville boat company that owns a vessel that was involved in an incident on the Ohio River is suing operator Riverwatch Inc., alleging it that it did not cause that company's barge to sink as claimed by Riverwatch.

New Orleans driver gets partial summary judgment in I-10 accident case

By Gabriel Neves | Jul 26, 2018

NEW ORLEANS — New Orleans driver Eric Brown obtained a partial summary judgment against another motorist through a motion that showed he did not effectively contribute to a car accident on Interstate 10.

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