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Mineral rights case heads back to Louisiana District Court

By John Severance | Feb 14, 2018

SHREVEPORT -- The Court of Appeal in the Second Circuit in the state of Louisiana reversed a ruling in a mineral rights case, sending it back to district court last month.

Appeals court rejects Livingston Parish man's constitutional claims in case involving online comments

By John Severance | Oct 1, 2017

An appeals court panel has upheld a district court's dismissal of a Livingston Parish man’s claim that his First and Fourth Amendment rights were violated.

St. John the Baptist Parish files suit against 13 oil and gas companies

By John Severance | Jul 14, 2017

In April, St. John the Baptist Parish became the sixth Louisiana entity to file suit against state oil and gas companies, alleging damages to its coast and its wetlands.

Suit claims First NBC Bank was involved in loan scheme

By John Severance | Jul 12, 2017

First NBC Bank, which was recently acquired by Hancock Whitney, still is facing legal challenges.

Louisiana attorneys demand $4.7 million from state over abortion law case

By John Severance | Jul 6, 2017

After lawyers challenged a Louisiana abortion law and won, they demanded the state pay it $4.7 million.

Johnson & Johnson to pay $586,408 settlement to Louisiana for selling defective medicines

By John Severance | Jul 6, 2017

The crux of the settlement resolves allegations that Johnson & Johnson sold medicines that did not meet federal quality requirements.

Louisiana Supreme Court refuses to hear Cameron Parish tax case

By John Severance | Jul 6, 2017

Cameron Parish officials thought they had their tax problems figured out.

Political operative sues Kenner Police Department over DWI arrest

By John Severance | Jul 6, 2017

Jacques Morial, a New Orleans-based political consultant, recently settled his Jefferson Parish traffic court case after being arrested last year on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Texas Supreme Court rules against firm seeking BP oil spill legal fees

By John Severance | Jun 30, 2017

The Texas Supreme Court recently ruled against a law firm that claims it was wrongfully excluded from settlements between the City of Houston, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County, Texas and BP over the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

Family financial impasse jeopardizes contribution to Tulane University

By John Severance | Jun 27, 2017

The future of a $1 million donation, which was earmarked for Tulane University, is heading to federal court.

Louisiana man sues BP for health problems allegedly caused by oil spill cleanup efforts

By John Severance | Jun 22, 2017

A Louisiana man who helped clean up the Deepwater Horizon oil spill is suing BP, alleging that he has suffered from health problems after being exposed to crude oil and chemicals during the cleanup efforts.

New Orleans mayor defends city's stance on immigration enforcement

By John Severance | Jun 8, 2017

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu recently fired back at the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) over claims that New Orleans is a sanctuary city.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana, HMO Louisiana allege price fixing by drug manufacturers

By John Severance | May 28, 2017

Federal and state enforcement entities have been investigating allegations of price fixing by generic drug companies and manufacturers, according to court documents.

Judiciary Commission of Louisiana adds two new members

By John Severance | May 23, 2017

The Louisiana Supreme Court recently added two members to the state's Judiciary Commission.

Simmons Bank hires new vice president, assistant general counsel

By John Severance | May 23, 2017

Simmons Bank has hired Henry A. “Rusty” Barham III as the executive vice president for regulatory and consumer affairs and assistant general counsel.

The Hunter's Run Gun Club sues former manager

By John Severance | May 2, 2017

The Hunter's Run Gun Club and the Great International Land Company recently filed suit against its former manager in the U.S. District Court Middle District of Louisiana, alleging that Baker's unfair trade practices and other wrongful actions led to irreparable injury, loss and damage to the gun club.

Homeless men accuse judges and sheriff of violating U.S. Constitution

By John Severance | Apr 18, 2017

Two Louisiana men filed suit against six judges of the Louisiana 26th Judicial District Court and the sheriff of Bossier Parish, alleging that their due process and equal protection rights were violated.

Louisiana residents file suit against water company

By John Severance | Apr 2, 2017

DONALDSONVILLE — Many Donaldsonville residents are not happy about the quality of water and have filed a class action suit against Peoples Water Service.

Louisiana's lawsuit against State Farm, filed by former attorney general, lies dormant

By John Severance | Apr 2, 2017

BATON ROUGE — Nothing has happened for more than a year, but Louisiana’s lawsuit against insurance carrier State Farm is still alive.

Doctors file suit over hospital acquisition in Louisiana

By John Severance | Mar 24, 2017

NEW IBERIA — A group of plaintiffs including more than 10 South Dakota doctors has filed a lawsuit over proposed investment in a Louisiana hospital.

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