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A woman claims that she slipped and fell at a Target store

By Carrie Bradon | May 24, 2018

A woman is seeking damages after she allegedly fell at a Target store.

Jefferson Capital is seeking more than $2,600

By Carrie Bradon | Mar 20, 2018

Jefferson Capital is seeking more than $2,000.

Eastern District of Louisiana court finds two companies liable in barge collision

By Stacey O'Connor | Feb 25, 2018

A federal court ruled Feb. 14 in a lawsuit involving Marquette Transportation Co. LLC, Kostmayer Construction LLC and Ameri-Force Craft Services Inc. over a barge allision that took place in 2014.

Woman claims negligence in fall at Kenner Target

By Carrie Bradon | Nov 20, 2017

GRETNA – A woman claims that she was injured when she slipped and fell in the bathroom of the Kenner Target.

Seaman seeks $2.5 million in damages from CHS Inc. of Minnesota

By Lhalie Castillo | Jun 7, 2017

NEW ORLEANS – A seaman has filed a suit seeking millions in damages over alleged injuries he sustained while working aboard a vessel.

Man claims XG Security Services terminated in him retaliation, files class action

By Lhalie Castillo | May 16, 2017

NEW ORLEANS – A former field technician has filed a class-action lawsuit against a software company over allegations that he was not paid the appropriate rate for overtime work.

Woman says former employer owes $110,000 in severance pay

By Lhalie Castillo | May 14, 2017

NEW ORLEANS — A Texas woman is suing David J. Jeansonne, Traffic Jam Events LLC, Platinum Plus Printing LLC and DTJ Properties LLC, alleging they breached a severance pay agreement.

Man alleges bike he purchased from Target was not properly assembled, caused knee injury

By Michael Abella | Mar 20, 2017

NEW ORLEANS – A St. Tammany Parish man alleges he suffered a knee injury while trying to stop the defective bicycle he was riding.

United Healthcare's clawback practice common, Louisiana attorney says

By Mike Helenthal | Nov 4, 2016

HAHNVILLE – The Louisiana attorney who is leading a class-action lawsuit against United Healthcare alleging unfair business practices says the insurance company’s tactics are commonplace in the industry.

Allianz Life Insurance seeks judgment after agent allegedly forged signatures on annuity

By Robert Hadley | Jan 4, 2016

NEW ORLEANS – A Pennsylvania insurance agent whose signature was allegedly forged on a $100,000 annuity application with Allianz Life Insurance is refusing to renounce ownership in the account until he is paid $10,000.

Mapmaker sues rival firm for more than $150K over allegedly stolen content

By Robert Hadley | Dec 29, 2015

NEW ORLEANS – A Louisiana map publisher says Minnesota-based Legend Cartography stole its intellectual property and represented it as its own.

Target sued by customer allegedly injured in trip over box

By Kyle Barnett | Jul 10, 2015

GRETNA – Target is being sued by woman who claims she was injured in a trip over a box.

Defendants petition for removal of personal injury claim to federal court

By Carol Ostrow | Jun 24, 2015

Defendants in an existing negligence case originating in 2013 filed a petition for removal of the case from state to federal court on June 19, 2015. Target Corporation of Minnesota, Target Corporation of MN, Ace American Insurance Company of PA and Darryl Mitchell of GA petitioned for their case to be transferred to the U.S.

Target sued by man who claims permanent disability after tripping and falling over shelf

By Kyle Barnett | Jan 24, 2014

GRETNA – A corporate retailer is being sued by a man who claims he was permanently disabled and had to have surgery after tripping and falling over a shelf at a local store.

Target sued by woman who tripped over curb

By Kyle Barnett | Jun 12, 2013

GRETNA – A St. Tammany Parish woman is suing a corporate retailer after she fell over a curb and injured herself in front of their store.

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